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Between sleeping and dreaming I had this vision so I wrote this to remember and describe it.

Little girl
With your cartoon head
Floating down the stream
On a little piece of tree
Hey little girl in my dream
I know you are everyone
And no one knows
Little comic book body
In between the trees
You seem to know
That you have nothing
Little girl
You know you have everything
Even with your pretty dresses
You have nothing
Little girl
Even with your ebb and flow
You have everything
Big comic eyes
You have nothing
And so you glow
Free in your basket
Free in your silence
Free in your going
Go go go
And be nothing inside
The everything

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I like to dip into a little astrology now and then. And from what I've read dreams are what we all can be having fun with for the next few nights. Pay attention to the little details!

The other night I dreamed I was in another world, a vampire village and I wasn't myself at all- it was like I was reading a book and I was getting images thrown at me. It was a long and detailed story including a love triangle, being chased, going through a house made of ground meat, swimming in a dark pool, surfacing to a babbling brook where I was warned if I exited the water I would not be able to return to my vampire/village world and more. All this before the astro-vibes are even due to begin! Hold on tight!

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