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One hour at PlantFit with Ed Bauer. I was the only person who showed up on this day after a holiday workout and so Ed made me work hard! I did box jump burpees, double unders (I have whip marks on my arms-oops!), sled pulling, pushups, rowing and clean & jerks.


One hour at PlantFit

Came home and made a drink with homemade raw vegan almond milk, the rest of my Vega pre-workout energizer drink (which I had made with coconut juice) and a full scoop of chocolate Sun Warrior. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


60 minutes at PlantFit where Ed tried to kill me. Just kidding. I got so tired that I *almost* saw stars. Ed laughed.

Now I’m drinking a crazy smoothie: almost 2 cups water, one tablespoon cacao, one scoop chocolate vega powder, two small frozen bananas, handful frozen blueberries, head of parsley, vanilla and cardamom. I love cardamom.


20 minutes of yoga


60 minutes with Ed Bauer at PlantFit


So I think I overreached when I stated I wanted to do 90 minutes of yoga everyday for one of my new years resolutions. On the days I’m also working with my personal trainer I think I’ll be keeping it light like I did today with 20 minutes or so of my own practice. This way I’m hoping to not burnout (of course) and I’m hoping to increase strength, flexibility and wellbeing. XOXO


90 minutes of yoga +

60 minutes with Ed Bauer at PlantFit


Sleepy Ami with coconut water in hand


Almost forgot to post my workout today!

I worked out at PlantFit with Ed Bauer today anddddddddd welllllllll…


With Endurance & Strength,