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More Raw Spirit Festie photos:

I love Pure Joy Planet! Here's Elaina Love's booth and her food demo:

6-6-2009 2-24-56 PM_0048 by waxpancake.

6-6-2009 3-32-43 PM_0061 by waxpancake.
Delicious Vivapura. I bough their bee pollen and lucuma:

6-6-2009 2-15-20 PM_0044 by waxpancake.

6-6-2009 2-24-02 PM_0047 by waxpancake.
I love Cafe Gratitude's design, philosophy and all. And their food knocks my socks off!

6-6-2009 2-33-59 PM_0054 by waxpancake.

6-6-2009 2-34-22 PM_0055 by waxpancake.
Gratitude's hoodie:

6-6-2009 2-35-51 PM_0056 by waxpancake.
Renegade Health Show's RV, the Kale Whale:

6-6-2009 2-22-36 PM_0045 by waxpancake.
Cathy Slivers with happy eaters!

6-6-2009 3-34-48 PM_0062 by waxpancake.
Some of the food I ate, a shake from Gratitude, nori wrap from Elaina, and Henry's ice cream!

6-6-2009 3-55-30 PM_0063 by waxpancake.

Next up, my view of the durian eating contest between Matt Monarch and David Wolfe hosted by Cathy Silvers!

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White chocolate raw vegan cheesecake with (so far) the best crust I've made yet. I made two of these adorable hearts and put the second in the freezer to enjoy next week. I learned how to make this at chef Elaina Love and chef Chaya's class last week. Chaya teaches at Cafe Gratitude and both of these women are so lovely, talented and a treat to be around. I learned so much. Enjoy the photos, I SO wish you all could taste this! I enjoyed the second half of my heart cake with some frozen cherries I let melt all over the top. Oh. My. Yum.

3-2-2009 8-35-46 AM_0026 by waxpancake.

3-2-2009 8-36-26 AM_0033 by waxpancake.

3-2-2009 8-37-35 AM_0035 by waxpancake.

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today i decided i'm stopping food blogging. i'll still rave if i make something fantastic but as of now i think the learning i wanted to achieve from jotting down my own daily diet has come to an end. it's been a good run and i've been able to see patterns and i hope that it's been helpful to others too.

i love food, i love raw food and i love restaurants and decadent dining experiences. i love to make food now, which is huge and of course i still love to have food made for me, especially by my talented family. examples here:

i'm all about being vegan, eating loads of fruits and vegetables and the wonderful world of green everything! my plan is to continue eating high raw and cooked vegan meals. limiting sugar, beans and grains. i've learned about my cravings, i've learned what i need to fuel my body for runs and strength building. and for me it's a combo of cooked and raw food.

after growing up with endless amounts of cheese, bread, meat, butter, cookies, pasta, ice cream, canned vegetables and canned fruit (sorry mom, it's true! we just all know better now.)… and then being a junk food vegetarian, raw food has put nutrition and health in beautiful focus.

i'm still reading and studying books and blogs, all i can get my hands on. i'm addicted to goneraw and i just love people like david wolfe, juliano, and elaina love.

next here on vox will be musings on my life, hopeful, honest, heartfelt and all that sap i love, save for a few delicious rants and feet-stomping-soapboxing that i'm also keen on.

thanks lovelies!


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