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*He grabs the rose quartz crystal from my desk, squeezes it in is hands, looks at me and says I love you, gives me a kiss, sets it back down and runs away.

*He asks why people on the internet forget that there are actual people on the other side of the games he’s playing.

*He asks about animal rights.

*He challenges and pushes me.

*He sleeps ten hours a night, falling asleep to the light of a moon that hangs in his room and he controls by remote.

*He claps his hands in the morning to turn on his clock and then yells for me. He never gets out of bed without one of us coming to the door. Which is usually followed by giant hugs, talks about dreams or a simple proclamation: I’m hungry.

*He loves our Sofie pup.

*Most of the time he likes homeschooling. He’s too hard on himself so we talk about that. He loves to read and do math.

*His heart is brilliant, empathic, open, fun, silly, warm, and wise.

“I just want a kid’s soul. I don’t want to be an adult.”  – about school

“Remember when I acted differently in the second grade? I was just trying some things out.”  – about school

“I love everything about you except your farts.” – to me

“I don’t feel like Eliot Eliot, you know?” – about school

“When I’m at school it’s like I’m already acting like a teenager and I just want to be a kid.” – about school

“I like talking with you at night. I don’t know why, I just like it.” – to me

He sings in the shower. Last song I heard him sing was Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles.

When I showed him an old video of The Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger dancing he quickly said, yeah yeah that’s enough.

He loves Minecraft and Minecraft videos and Minecraft songs.

We argue about design at Ikea.

He wants to be a chef, a farmer (like on a sanctuary) and/or a video game designer.

He loves graphic novels.

He love balloons.

He freaks out over sloths. Uncontrollable love.





Light of my life and one of the main reasons I have a fire in my soul to live as long as possible. Eliot. Happy almost 9th birthday. Your compassionate-sweet-funny-soul and love make my heart explode every time I think of you. I have such overwhelming gratitude for you. I love you always.

This incredibly gorgeous child of mine turns nine in ten days.


Last August I met up with my friend Ashley who had recently found her doggy mate and you guys, I was so inspired. I was like, look at my awesome friend with her new little companion being so sweet and cute and I continued with- I am ready for this too. I knew the husband would be against it but he had never been busier (distraction worked in our favor!) and I knew Eliot would be over the moon. We had fostered two dogs very briefly in the past and in one case we were allergic and the other was a bad match (didn’t like kids!). So the question was how could I find my dream dog without going through a breeder? I narrowed down my breed choices (hypoallergenic to the max) and set out on the internet when the most serendipitous thing happened. That very day I found Sofie.

Our new family member had been placed on Ebay classifieds after being purchased by a breeder and passed around within a family that lived many miles apart. The story included her being loved, someone getting very sick and unable to keep her and then living with other extended family. She was about three months old and my heart was drawn to her so quickly. Within a few days Eliot and I drove for 90 minutes to meet up in a Denny’s parking lot to meet our girl and bring her home.

I think her first birthday was Sunday May 19. There are a couple of conflicting dates. I’ll never know for sure how she spent her first few months but we fell fast in love and love and love and love her more all the time. She’s four pounds of sweet fun, makes us all laugh and swoon at her moods and moves. And my husband adores her and says to her things like, I didn’t want to love you! You get the idea. We have a pup and her name is Sofie. I hope she is always blissfully happy.

Happy first birthday, Sofie!

Another PDX city guide! yes! yes! yes! Here are my favorites in no particular order! The place, what I love, and the area of Portland to find them.

♥ Herbivore: clothes & books! (SE)

♥ Food Fight!: Food! (SE)

♥ Sweetpea: sandwiches & sweets & coffee & tea & all! (SE)

♥ Portobello: EVERYTHING! I love the gnocchi, burger, arrabiata pizza and everything! (SE)

♥ New Leaf: If you’re around on Wednesday afternoons in Portland you can go to the farmer’s market at People’s and buy beautiful and delicious raw vegan food from the lovely Agnieszka! Hazelnut milk!! (SE)

♥ Portland Juice Press: Need to stock up on juice in your hotel or home? Go here and grab! I think their lemonade has honey, but all ingredients are boldly listed on the front label! (SE)

♥ Canteen: Portland Bowl & green juice! (SE)

♥ Back to Eden: Whoopie pies! (NE)

♥ Pok Pok: vegan papaya salad, coconut sticky rice and their spicy forest mushroom salad! (SE & NE)

♥ Sip: juices and shakes!!!!! (SE)

♥ Mt Tabor park: walk the dormant volcano forest hills or around the reservoirs! (SE)

♥ Homegrown Smoker: Vegan BBQ! (NE)

♥ Blossoming Lotus: Goddess Bowl! (NE)

♥ Slappy Cakes: You can make your own vegan pancakes (because the grill is in the middle of the table!) with loads of sweet or savory toppings or they’ll do it for you!!!  (SE)

♥ Mi Mero Mole: always three vegan taco options! (SE)

♥ Wolf & Bears: Falafel! As a salad or wrap! (SE & NE)

♥ Sweet Hereafter: Bowls! (SE)

♥ Bye & Bye: Everything everything everything! (NE)

♥ Plantfit: Workout with vegan trainers! (SE)






My son outside of the Bye & Bye 2012


This photo was taken July 4, 2012.

There’s no one I want to protect more than him. No one I love more.


I really want to stick to my new blogging commitment of five days a week, effective this week. And I really wanted to stay on track, writing about fitness, veganism, fashion and life. But I have to admit my son is going to sneak in here from time to time. My big hearted boy.




2012 stuff in no particular order:


Big Island trip with friends

Drank lots of green juice from canteen and portland juice press

New York trip

Los Angeles trip

Wanderlust Tahoe trip

Las Vegas trip

Eliot finished 2nd grade

Started third

I ran

I did yoga

I took 103 classes on

Worked out at PlantFit all year long

Eliot had 3 teeth removed

Swam with sea turtles in Hawaii

Husband put on xoxo festival

Met an online friend I’ve admired for years XO

Met a twitter friend in person who rules

Made two new close friends ❤

Wrote poems

Started drawing again


Husband went to London, Belfast, Dusseldorf, Boston, foo camp

Went to walla walla for cousins wedding

Spent time with sister getting to know her better

Arcade birthday party for Eliot’s 8th

Went to Disneyland

Ran with Scott Jurek and Tim Van Orden

Competed in my first trail run, second place in my age group

Saw Mates of State with husband

Went to a movie alone

Went to Sauvie Island beach for the first time

Celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary

Actively tried to be more generous, patient and kind

Walked across the Williamsburg bridge eating a treat from Babycakes

Spent countless sweet moments with Eliot that make my heart burst

Danced with husband when we saw mc frontalot

Witnessed a house fire next to our house

Went to boh dinner at portobello

Visited an all indoors quilted campsite

Oregon beach day

California beach day

Starred in my brother’s video and Eliot shot the footage with my phone

Had a casual conversation in NYC with a guy I’ve been watching on tv since I was in elementary school

First kirtan and then met and ate dinner with Krishna Das

Ate a lot of chocolate

Felt smarter than two of the smartest people I’ve ever known for two minutes

Tried and loved Ani Phyo’s fat blast

Bought tickets to VidaVeganCon 2013

Got my meat eating cousins to come workout with me at PlantFit and blew their minds with the awesomeness

Made a promise to myself and mostly kept it

Husband and nephew launched playfic

Let myself be filmed working out for the new PlantFit video

Tried to help a girl not crash her bike and I got a bit crashed

My beloved blendtec died and I bought a vitamix and found new love

I climbed the rope at the gym for the first time!

Went to MOMA alone, took photos and wrote a poem

Went for a boat ride in october in Portland!


Now on to the next one! Happy!



One hour at PlantFit: 800 meter runs, pull ups, pistol squats, handstand push ups.

35 minutes (I think) run-jog-walk across a beautiful bridge in a sunny city.

Recovery drink: VegaOne chocolate, blueberries, banana, spinach, water and cardamom. Later I made and enjoyed a little simple burrito as sort of my small nod to Caballo Blanco. I thought of him on my run in the sunshine. With gratitude and a light, easy and smooth run. My heart goes out to Micah True and all who loved him. If you have no idea what I’m talking about please use the google. xo

So I thought today would be my day to dive into regular blogging but I think instead that the “everyday-ness” of this blog has now morphed into sharing my workouts and maybe a recipe or hopefully an inspiring recipe idea? Every now and then I think I’ll post a poem, a photo heavy outfit post, maybe a product review and maybe a delicious story about Eliot. Everything is always changing… Here we go!



1 hour and 16 minutes workout today!

Eliot joined me for a bit by putting on boxing gloves, hanging on my weird pull up station (he took off the gloves!), making obstacles and then trying to give me kisses while I was on my bike trainer.

Today I did bike trainer intervals, yoga, light weights, ab work, Tracy Anderson Method arms and legs and 50 plie squats.

Post-workout shake: water, VegaOne chocolate, cacao, cacao nibs, pineapple and bananas.