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Husband's birthday is today and per his birthday wishes we've been going out every night this week for dinner. He didn't want any pressies just lots of food. So here are some of my going out clothes with the hubby and child from this week. Good times. (Actually began last Saturday- I'll do another post with all the PDX restaurants we've visited!)

2010-04-17 21-23-57 - IMG_5843 by waxpancake.
2010-04-17 21-24-53 - IMG_5846 by waxpancake.

2010-04-17 21-28-25 - IMG_5860 by waxpancake.Stella McCartney for Gap ruffled top
Tarina Tarantino pink necklace
Urban Outfitters layered long sleeves underneath
Target plaid skirt
Target deep green tights
Sock Dreams striped pink socks
ModCloth white boots

2010-04-20 19-11-16 - IMG_5943 by waxpancake.
2010-04-20 19-10-44 - IMG_5941 by waxpancake.

2010-04-20 19-11-44 - IMG_5945 by waxpancake.
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Mixie dress
Target black tights
Nordstrom green pom pom socks
Forever 21 boots
Lululemon black hoodie

2010-04-20 21-31-23 - IMG_5952 by waxpancake.
2010-04-20 21-33-52 - IMG_5956 by waxpancake.
2010-04-20 21-34-08 - IMG_5957 by waxpancake.
Gap black blazer
Forever 21 black lace and grey dress
Tarina heart necklace- again!
Target pink tights
Sock Dreams flowery knee highs
Fluevog heels

2010-04-21 22-34-31 - IMG_5963 by waxpancake.
Little black dress I bought online somewhere
Lululemon leggings
Target argyle knee highs
Black heeled boots by Aerosole

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Love this outfit. Fun to wear. What more could I ask for?

2010-01-10 17-47-13 - IMG_4738 by waxpancake.
Rodarte for Target blue dress
Rodarte for Target mustard lace cardigan
Forever 21 gray cardigan
JCrew blue flower belt
Tarina Tarantino heart necklace
Target heart tights
Blue Fluevogs
Marc by Marc Jacobs red and white striped fingerless gloves

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A few outfits I wore in early summer 2009 in Paris…

First evening in Paris by waxpancake.
Anthropologie dress, Handmade bag from Portland bought at Frock & boots. Forgive the very blurry photo please!

7-4-2009 11-18-54 AM_1340 by waxpancake.
Dress by Tracy Reese from Anthropologie, I love this midnight forest pattern so much!

7-7-2009 4-08-11 AM_1929 by waxpancake.
Betsey Johnson dress, Nordstrom socks and John Fluevog shoes.

7-8-2009 2-30-16 PM_2291 by waxpancake.
This one is a one of a kind dress by Bonnie Heart Clyde, a local designer in Portland. It' a vintage linen piece with an embroidered tree-woman and flowers.

7-8-2009 5-57-39 AM_2113 by waxpancake.
On a rainy day in Paris at the Amelie carousel I have on a many seasons ago Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, Forever 21 cardigan, CAT boots and a Pancake Meow cupcake necklace.

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A follow up to the promised outfits posts.

There will be more! Admittedly I haven't taken photos of my clothes every single day but I have been cute! Yesterday I wore blueish tights from J Crew with a little black swing dress, black knee high boots and a very long orange cashmere scarf by Disney Couture with Snow White, the seven dwarfs and birds on it. A very expensive piece that I got for 80% off at a Blue Bee sale a few years ago. Today I wore a $6 silver glittery top from Target (I was excited to find it after seeing my sister-in-law in hers, she wore it so well that I wanted one too!), my Paper Denim and Cloth jeans (Great price from some online boutique sale last year), a sparkling necklace from Banana Republic, and my New Balance running shoes, cause my left knee hurts people and I'm running a marathon in a week and a half!! So here are a few fun pics! 

Last week I wore:

10-1-2008 7-25-07 AM_0004 by waxpancake

Red short sleeved button up from Anthropologie

Belt from a crafter

Vintage skirt that my sister-in-law decorated with a birdie- can't see it in this shot!

Knee highs from Sock Dreams

John Fluevog shoes that are worn but I love them!

Necklace by Betsey Johnson, a red heart that says "Be Mine"

9-30-2008 6-16-21 AM_0205 by waxpancake

More Fluevogs that I love. I can run in these!

9-30-2008 6-15-25 AM_0198 by waxpancake

And a bonus photo: A part of mine and Eliot's collection of My Paper Crane's sweetly designed doughnuts and yummy breakfast treats. We now have four more. A second strawberry, cinnamon roll, orange and sunny side up egg.

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I love clothes and shoes. And I adore Fluevogs and here's my issue. I'm vegan and I believe I shouldn't be galavanting around town in an animal's skin. And I'm pretty sure almost every cute shoe on the planet is made out of leather. Why oh why?

And by the way, my car has leather interior and I still wear all of the leather shoes I bought before I decided I just couldn't purchase them any longer.

However, I just bought two pairs of shoes tonight from I bought a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs plastic red glittery sandals and a pair of Nine West sandals, both sans leather. Then I head over to Fluevog and the designs are gorgeous and I'm left feeling left out and discouraged. So, I'll look at the bright side: with less ethical options at the moment I spend less. Zappos is fantastic, by the way. With their free shipping and free returns.

xoxo Big love to cruelty free fashion.   

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happy birthday to hazel and lydia! two angels!

outfits sincelast week:

friday:h&m striped button up (deep v-neck, 3/4 length sleeves), green tank layered over it, joe's jeans, black boots.
night:favorite little brown dress, stripey socks,black boots and marc by marc jacobs dot coat

saturday:light yellow tank, green jumper style dress, and brown fairy fluevogs

sunday:blue ag angel cords, tank from anthropologie with birds and trees on it, and birks

monday:deep purple tank, deep purple sg angel cords, and an apron crocheted sweater dress in lavender and at night i changed out of my tank into a white tee with little pof sleeves

tuesday:"i need performance enhancing hugs" green fila tee, nike exercise pants and new balance black zips

today: seven for all mankind jeans and a light blue "just believe" tee

so i was on vacation and i gave myself a pass to shop at my favorite spot in ojai, bhavantu. the owner's name is cathrine and she is so lovely that each time i see her i think i've ended up buying somethings. and i have another pass in my hot little hands because i just received a gift card to anthropologie from my brother, sis-in-law and fam. trouble trouble.

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