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First off Happy Birthday wishes to my beautiful cousin's beautiful daughter and to my talented friend Ann Hymas and to my golf-pro Grandma! May 6 is a lovely day!

24 ounces water

S: bite of coffee chocolate

60 minutes total: 20 minutes treadmill: 15% incline then one mile run, Jillian Michael's DVD, extra ab work on the ball, finished with tabata sprint training on the treadmill and walking cool down.

S: Shake: soaked chia seeds, cacao, mesquite, vanilla, stevia, lucuma, tocos, handful frozen blueberries, one banana & maca.

B: The remainder of my post-workout shake with Dave's Killer blues buns. One with honey and the other with peanut butter and honey. Yum!!

S: one grapefruit

L: steamed kale, half avocado and raw vegan crackers from Yummy Tummy. 2 squares dark chocolate.

20 ounces water

D: Bliss salad from Prasad: mixed greens, figs, currants, beets, ginger dressing. We went to Mashtun for dinner so even though my Prasad salad was filling I ordered the hummus plate with cucumbers- never enough cucumbers, tomatoes, pepperocinis and olives with pita bread. I ate all the pepperocinis, tomatoes and cucumbers, a few olives and  few pita triangles with a little hummus but it was pretty bland.

DS: Couple bites of raw vegan cheesecake from Prasad.

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24 ounces water

B: one grapefruit and itty bitty square of coffee chocolate.

30 minute workout to Jillian Michaels DVD

S: banana & chocolate square

L: At Tasty & Sons: a radicchio salad with olives and pickled beets and a small plate of baked yams.

L#2: steamed spinach with lemon, pink salt and pepper & dessert was honey one one side of Dave's Killer bread Blues Buns and the other side a little peanut butter, raspberry jam and banana slices. Husband and son can't stand these blues buns and I love them! More for me! yumyumyum!

24 ounces water

D: Big arugula salad, sea veggie kraut and raw vegan crackers from Yummy Tummy. Perfectly delicious meal. Avocado would have made it even more perfect!

DS: raw vegan chocolate sauce over sliced strawberries.

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B: One banana, little peanut butter, little fig jam, chocolate square

One hour 5 minutes treadmill interval workout, abs on the ball

S: Cacao chia seed shake with cinnamon, raw vegan protein powder, lucuma, maca, mesquite, stevia and ice. I'll be making this again for sure. Chia makes an amazing thick shake after blending.

L: Apple cabbage slaw from Yummy Tummy and more delicious shake. One itty bitty square of coffee chocolate before leaving for E's science class and errand running!

L#2: More of the same!

D & DS: Half a Yummy Tummy raw vegan brownie- dessert first! Yummy Tummy leftover kale salad with raw vegan crackers and one Gardein Santa Fe Good Stuff fake chickeny-black bean-thingy.

20 ounces water

DS: raw vegan pistachio ice cream with sliced strawberries. 

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30 minutes meditation

24 ounces water

S: few last bites of chocomole

30 minutes run on treadmill, 30 minutes Jillian Michael's DVD

S: smoothie: 8 oz. cashew milk, vanilla, banana, peaches

L: bowl of broccoli topped with nutritional yeast, spirulina, black pepper, cayenne, tumeric, onion powder & garlic powder & one whole wheat tortilla. And to the rest of my smoothie I added tocos, spinach & raw vegan protein powder and finished that off!

DS: 2 squares dark chocolate

S: small square of coffee chocolate and a few raw banana-spirulina chips

S: a few raw crackers & few bites of raw a raw brownie from Yummy Tummy

D: kale, arame, kelp, hemp seed salad from Yummy Tummy

24 ounces water

DS: raw vegan orange cardamom ice cream

*****Saw this tweet today from rawliving whatcha think?:   Excellent & Easy! RT @GorillaGreenz: Detoxify the Liver with Milk Thistle Tea & detox the Kidneys with Black Sesame Tea.


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24 ounces water

B: strawberries, little fig jam, dark chocolate

yoga: 108 sun salutations

S: half lara bar, piece of dark chocolate & I made a green smoothie for now and later with water, spinach, blueberries, pineapple, banana, mango, vanilla stevia & lucuma.

One hour of treadmill intervals w/weights in hands, side shuffling, sprinting, inclines, ab work.

L: More of the green smoothie, 2 heart shaped cookies from One Lucky Duck

24 ounces water

D: Amazing dish I added/improvised on from the latest VegNews email newsletter called Ethiopian Chickpeas. This was savory and delicious and I have leftovers. I omitted the potatoes and peas for what I had on hand- kale and green beans and made it very spicy. I also added double or more of the tomato paste to give it a creamier consistency. I ate a large yummy bowl with a whole wheat tortilla as a sub for injera. I hope the husband wants to try the leftovers because it is goooooooood!

DS: A raw vegan brownie bite made here locally in Portland. 


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Time to keep track of my food & exercise once again!

Every now and then I like to journal/blog what I'm up to in order to keep myself in check. I took a little exercise break for three days about two weeks ago and then I've been easing back into a more strenuous training schedule once more. It's lift off time!  Hope it doesn't bore you and you can get something of benefit from my info. I'll post other fun things as well but the food/exercise info will be the dailies.  😉

24 ounces water

workout- 10 min bike, 10 min trampoline, 10 min at 15% incline treadmill running, weights- shoulders & biceps, walk outs with push ups, jump squats, bosu squats, wall handstands, ab work on ball, side shuffle on treadmill at 15% incline,  hold plank = one hour

B: smoothie- 2 bananas, frozen blueberries, cacao, tocos, maca, mesquite, water, spinach, stevia

S: square of dark choco

S: orange & half Lara bar

Late L:: arugula salad, sea vegatable saurkraut, carrots, half avocado, one slice ezekiel toast

DS: 3 squares dark choco

24 ounces water

D: small bowl of broccoli & edamame with pink salt, tumeric & pepper

DS: Bishop's orange cardamom raw vegan ice cream with sliced strawberries. Heavenly.

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Thank God for Dr.Oz and so many others that are showing a vegan diet can be healthy and are encouraging people to give it a try!

Specifically, a few family members of mine are taking Dr.Oz's 28 day vegan challenge and I'm so happy for them! And so of course I want then to enjoy the food so very much that they don't miss what they thought they might. I have about a zillion ideas so let's see…

*While I don't own this book I have heard good things. And I like to keep meals easy so this book could be a good choice: The 30 Minute Vegan

*Books I know and love: Eat to Live and Skinny Bitch

*Website: Post Punk Kitchen  – Loads of free recipes!

*One of my personal favorite dishes from a local PDX vegan restaurant called Blossoming Lotus is called the Green Gaia which is steamed kale, mixed greens, sprouts & avocado tossed in garlic olive oil, topped with sesame seeds with a choice of rice or quinoa. Actually all of Blossoming Lotus's bowls are fantastic and you could make them at home. I highly recommend quinoa as a great rice substitute. Find it in the bulk bins at the grocery store and cook it up like this:

1 cup quinoa

2 cups filtered water
Rinse quinoa well and drain.
Add water and quinoa to sauce pan and bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat to simmer and cook on low heat until all liquid is absorbed, approximately 15 minutes. Fluff with a fork and enjoy. Makes about 2 generous servings.

*Doing a bit of research online is very helpful. Exploring a food shopping site like Food Fight will give you lots of ideas of things you might want to try to find and/or ask your grocer to carry.

*Field Roast and Gardein are amazing. My meat-eating husband likes them. Seriously. So Good! I would suggest Gardein's Santa Fe Good Stuff with a big spinach salad. (Husband even diced it up and put it in a whole wheat tortilla with salsa, guacamole and greens once). Yum! Or the Smoked Apple Sage sausage from Field Roast sliced onto mixed greens, chopped celery and use fresh salsa as dressing. Delish.

*And last but most importantly increasing fresh low sugar fruits, eating more greens then you ever imagined possible, eating colorful veggies, orange peppers, broccoli, red peppers, carrots, zucchini, cucumbers… explore the produce section like you never have before. When I first started eating more raw foods I was not shy about asking the produce man questions, and most of them were basic, like how do I cut this open? And again going on line really helps just omit the dairy and meat from whatever recipes you find and use the yummy Earth Balance butter and eat more greens and eat more greens and eat more greens. Can't say it enough.

*My personal dessert of choice is Endangered Species 88% dark chocolate. One square satisfies my sweet tooth. And another sweet craving curbing food for me is Kombucha. I adore Kombucha. Here's a link to my fav: 

Coming up I hope to share breakfast ideas, more greens recipes, and smoothies. Tell me what you need and I will do my best. I hope I can help. Much love and yummy food to you all. Love you!


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This was so goooooood, I may make it for dinner again tonight. Although my sunburgers didn't turn out like a pattie the taste was just what I was hoping for. This is Ani Phyo's "burger" recipe with a Bubbies pickle and an arugula, cucumber, lemon juice and honey salad. I topped my burger mixture with some nutrtional yeast, try to get that B-12 when I can!

2-28-2009 11-12-58 AM_0007 by waxpancake.

This was last night's dinner, more arugula salad with lemon, celery, zucchini and dulse with cucumber lining the sides of my bowl/plate so I could dip them into some fresh salsa. Yum.

3-2-2009 9-30-34 AM_0040 by waxpancake.

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I made this the other day when I was craving brussel sprouts. I gently cooked them on the stove top with a lot of water and some apple juice. Carrot sticks and a raw zucchini-cucumber hummus rounded out my meal. However, I didn't like the hummus so disposed of it and the recipe.

2-27-2009 11-41-41 AM_0003 by waxpancake.

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Kelp Noodles!

Tonight I gave Sea Tangle Kelp Noodles a go in my own kitchen. I've had them prepared for me in raw vegan restaurants but this was the first time I found them and brought them home! First I soaked them in warm water for about 30 minutes (I've read that soaking them for about half the day gets them soft like glass noodles) while I threw together the following (measurements are rough, sorry I just eyeball it):

1/2 avocado
1/2 garlic clove
dash of cayenne
onion powder
pink salt
shredded carrots
apple cider vinegar
balsamic vinegar
1/2 squeezed lemon
fresh parsley
dulse flakes


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