~~~ this is just incredible. but, it could go horribly wrong if oprah ends up hating being vegan then she won't be too quiet about that i'm sure. i'll be hoping for a lot of beautiful noise about how amazing, great, lean, energetic, yummy, adventurous, and all that vegan food can be. go oprah go! hopefully she has staff who also believe in a vegan life and will be supporting and encouraging her. hey, i wonder if gail is doing it?

b: e 3 live and water smoothie: 3 bananas, water, cacao, mesquite, frozen cherries and some hemp oil. i had some brown bananas to use up but wow did that sugar hit me fast! usually i balance the sugar with greens but i ran out. live and learn!

l: alfredo "pasta" from last night and a few crackers

s: honey lemonade

s: moroccan sprouted lentil salad from the bikram yoga studio here in portland. they've been selling raw food in their lobby for a few months now but this was my first visit. i'm heading back friday to pick up a bigger order! including chocolate cake and strawberry shortcake!

d: more alfredo and a salad from bikram

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