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On my birthday last month I wore my Herbivore hoodie (koala design on the back), sequined top from JCrew, belt also from Herbivore Clothing, Levi’s jeans, vegan Dr.Marten’s and a star headband/crown made by Giant Dwarf, an Etsy seller but I found this at Wanderlust here in Portland. Score! And! A beautiful, delicious and perfectly sized chocolate mini-cake from Back to Eden.


Next month is my birthday and I already have my list ready to go and share with you! Here we go!

♥ Black Milk purple galaxy leggings, high waisted wet look leggings and liquid silver leggings or just a gift card

♥ Herbivore Clothing Gift Cards

♥ Spiritual Gangster ‘Grateful’ pullover in grey

♥ Giant Dwarf (on etsy) heart crown

♥ Mala beads

♥ Anthropologie and JCrew Gift Cards

♥ Dip station

♥ Ice Cream Maker

♥ Sip Gift Cards

♥ Vivienne Westwood for Melissa black sandal with black heart and Melissa Peace Sandal in pink