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the other day eliot is laughing and i ask, "what's so funny?" he says, "dolphin love, get it, get it??" and last night he does it again with some butterfly joke, laughing away.

3 mile run, weights, lunges, side stepping squats, rebounding, abs, yoga

b: e 3 live and water, smoothie: coconut water, 2 bananas, blueberries, hemp seeds, small handful of goji and cacao nibs. it's like i must grab them when i see them in the fridge.

woke up this morning to the rain after about 4 days of heat. our house was still nearly 80 degrees, inside our house!!

l: thai salad from yesterday

s: raw green indian mango lassi- frozen mango, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and spinach

s: papaya with squeezed lime

d: i made "better than alfredo sauce" from goneraw. wow. i stuffed a bite in my hubby's mouth before he could protest and he couldn't believe it either. the texture and flavor were perfect. it's a combo of macadamia nuts, pine nuts and more. i poured it over zucchini pasta, carrot shavings, peas and red bell pepper. so rich, i'll be having more tomorrow for lunch and dinner!

dessert- a little scoop of raw honey- my favorite.

***big news:  oprah is going to eat a vegan diet for 2 weeks! beauty! *******************************************

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B: e3 live and water. lydia's raw cereal with walnut milk and blueberries

L: i made a lovely recipe from goneraw, again! it's "thai salad with 'peanut' sauce" on the site. i changed the recipe slightly and made a lot less and still had leftovers. i made the peanut sauce with jungle peanut butter instead of almond butter and i poured it over bok choy, carrots, red pepper, zucchini and a cucumber. it ended up being much simpler and although very good i would like it to be spicier. also, when i make food for myself i don't cut the vegies little and sweet, i just do big lazy chunks. i've got to mix that up a little! ha

s: chocolate pudding- chia seeds, cacao powder, and raw honey

D: out for vegan pizza and a big beautiful salad.

d: chocolate chip cookie for dessert

my child was kissing me all over my face today and i said, "are you the kissing monster?" and he looked kind of sad for half a second then says, "no, i'm not the kissing monster," and continues with a gooey lovey smile, "i love you mommy, i'm just in love with you." if this is what is next on the parenting roller coaster, it's going to be a very sweet and fun ride. eliot will be 4 years old in three weeks. expect a mushy mommy love blog on june 9…

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B: 28 ounces of water. smoothie: arugula, acai juice, banana, full package of frozen strawberries, msm, sun is shining, and 1/2 squeezed lemon.

L: zucaroni and cheeze from last night, i added some peas today- this absolutely fools me, i almost feel guilty eating it because it reminds me so much of real cheese sauce! i'm so against eating dairy that i actually had to remind myself. so silly!

D: "dancing chicken salad" from goneraw and a chocolate orange banana shake

eliot's smile just lights up the whole house even when we're both coughing and blowing our noses. he drew pictures today, wrote out letters, painted, played kickball (in the house), and stood up on his train table to be a "monster robot" and destroy the entire set up.

and my husband,  wow. i'm sick and yucky and he rubbed my feet today. lucky girl, i am.

“Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand.” – Emily Kimbrough


really really hoping to run and lift weights tomorrow.

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i couldn't wait for monday to exercise: 10 minutes trampoline, 2 minutes weights, 10 min tramp, 2 min weights, 15 min tramp, ran outside up my street to some stairs- 5x up and down, ran home. just under 60 stairs in a set.


B: the rest of my flourless chocolate cake, blueberries, and a banana chopped up.

L: restaurant called jam on hawthorne highly recommended for yummy food and service- oatmeal chai blueberry vegan pancakes. i was craving these for awhile- not raw! oh my they kept me really full for a very very long time!

summer, my sister-in-law, and i went to see kit pistol at seaplane today. she was super sweet and cute and she started a conversation with us commenting on how cute we looked, so fun! she gave us each a cute postcard that she signed i heart ami! love kit pistol! and she helped each of us pick out a bow clip that we both ended up purchasing. yes, that means 6 days into my own challenge i failed! lame. but i'm back in the game. there are no further events to tempt me and i won't be headed to any sales or shops. my intention is to drop this bad habit. moving on… i told you i needed support.

S: apple

D: walnut taco "meat" from the glorious recipe section, on two heads of romaine, an avocado and salsa. that stuff is brilliant, really tasty.


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What inspires you to blog?

passion for life and stories and sharing with my son.

inspiring blogs: – my brother's really amazing, lovely music and drawings for all to see and have! he rocks and he's super talented. go see it now.  it will make your monday happy. – one of my fav raw sites – one of my fav go to sites – sister-in-law's sweet design site 

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