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My mother in law is so very generous and has bought me some beautiful things from Hidden Treasures in Topanga Canyon, California. She brought me the dress below when she visited on Easter weekend. I costumed it up quite a bit on the first wear but I think I'll do something cleaner and more simple next time I wear it. It was really cold outside!

2010-04-09 20-20-29 - IMG_5642 by waxpancake.
Hidden Treasures dress
Rodarte for Target faux fur shrug
Urban Outfitters black thermal top
Jcrew blue fabric flower belt
Anthropologie floral necklace
Forever 21 black boots
My grandma Amelia's white gloves

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I usually write throughout the day but tonight I'm just settling in after seeing Tom Robbins speak in Portland. I've seen him in Seattle (more then twice I think), LaConner, Santa Monica and now Portland. This is the first time I haven't been able to talk with him. He read and spoke and answered questions. Andy arrived an hour early in order to score us front row center seats- he's a keeper. Tom was incredibly smart, funny and he reminded me of my Grandma Amelia who passed away a year and a half ago. Hear me out though, I'm serious. His brilliant candor, his one watering eye (just like me and Grandma), his kind wisdom that he delivers like a pro. I'm not sorry to say that he has qualities that make me smile like I do when I'm thinking of her. Enough said.

On to food. My plans were to juice feast a bit today but after yesterdays workout and really wanting to get in cardio today I abandoned the notion and ate well and exercised instead.

*Half a watermelon- a big one!
***treadmill run with sprint and jump rope intervals. High incline and sprints and jumping last five minutes. Handstand finish.
*Green smoothie- 32 ounces of farmer's market spinach, carob, bananas, cherries, tocos and lucuma. Cherries are great for sore muscles and yummy!
*A few Quite cheesy kale chips on the way to Eliot's class.
*Yummy Tummy Thai salad and half of a small avocado on toast.

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banana with cacao nibs and goji berries

8 mile run, some upper body resistance work, stretch

B: smoothie: water, msm, mesquite, cacao, loads of spinach, dates and a banana. i was feeling very decadent this morning so i indulged. it really doesn't fit it with my new stupid simple program- that's k.i.s.s., keep it simple stupid! hehe. today is judt going to be an indulgent day!

L: late lunch at the bye and bye vegan bar on alberta. great place.

D: wasn't too hungry after the bar so i ate 2 peaches

went to see my cousin chris in vancouver and pick up my grandma's chair. there was a drawing for this chair because so many people wanted it. i've sat in this chair, beside my grandma my whole life and bringing it home it suddenly hit me as i was driving and spotted it in my rear view mirror. i choked back a few tears as i drove with andy and eliot over the bridge back to oregon.

andy brought the chair in and while he and eliot were upstairs i picked it up and put it in it's new spot in the living room. i stared for a moment. for some reason my aunt also brought me a blanket that looks like it was made to match the chair. that's when the smell of my grandma's house filled me. i buried my nose into the back cushion of the chair and breathed deeply, the smell of church, memories, time and grandma mchatton's house. i started to cry and sat down in the chair, cross-legged just as i had the last afternoon i spent with her in her house.

it's hard to explain but i always knew it would be my chair one day, and i never wanted to think what it would mean when i did have this beautiful chair. everyone enjoyed, loved, sat, cried, laughed and had memories wrapped up in this flowery chair. it's a lovely and adored piece of history, with the fabric starting to snag and tear on the top. i feel to lucky to have it.

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wow, miss. L, you out did yourself! behold the photos from my grandma's house:

Little window front door, little peeking door

The Chairthe family chair, been in grandma's house forever for all i know and i've always loved it and wanted it so badly and yesterday my dear friend pulled my name out of a cake holder and i get to have it at my house. such a treasure.

chair legfamous chair leg

Gateside gate

birdhouse, backyard

swingset as garden post

flowers with heart

into the back yard


front of the house and "tfunny money"front door bricks

house numbers Funny Money

front door

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last night i had a dream i was with lots of family members at the beach and there were mountains all around. there were large, extremely high mounds of sand. i climbed them then i began flying in the wind. i raised one hand up and it was as if my small hand was a kite and my body was the string. i was flying but a little scared of the height and the relative speed i had gained quite quickly in the wind.

as dreams can do the next bit is blurry but i can clearly recall a second part. eliot had done or said something cute and funny and everyone laughed. but the laughter that was loudest was my grandma mchatton's. i couldn't see her but i could hear her and it made me burst into tears. no one else could hear her. i woke up knowing it was a strong simple and true message … just because we don't see her … and you know the rest.

tonight i got a phone call on my cell, it was my aunt and she left a message. she sounds a lot like her mother, my grandma. she started off the message with "oh hi ami, it's …" it was so spot on it choked me up for a second and whirled me right back to my dream again this evening and that's when i knew i had to write about it. grandma's here in so many ways: her soul and love still enjoying her family, her support and her guidance are all still there. and my beautiful aunt, what a blessing she is. i can't say enough good things about her, just like grandma.

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Which one of your ancestors would you most like to talk to? 
Submitted by Kathy.

well, after spending a wee bit of time at my grandma amelia's last night, (the first time in my entire life without her there) i 'd cherish the opportunity to ask her about her treasures. her gloves, her wedding dress, the napkin from her wedding which gently wrapped three small memories from that day. i'd ask her about the peculiar box i found in the basement that has the oddest visual etchings i've ever seen. the loads of skeleton keys, the furniture, the glasses, everything has a story. so if i could be selfish and have a day with her to myself we'd go through her stuff and i'd learn so much, i'm sure.

yesterday was my grandpa golden's funeral. my grandpa had a stroke and passed away as my grandma watched. after 62 1/2 years of marriage she said she watched the sparkle leave his eyes. his soul left this earth quickly and quietly as he sat in his favorite chair a week ago today. towards the end of the service while the priest was speaking i looked up to see my grandma embracing her husband's casket with her hands, with her head, with her heart. she was the only one standing. slowly she was joined by some of her 12 remaining children. it was so beautiful and so sad. we walked into the reception and she looked me straight in my eyes and said quietly, "i'm just going to miss him so much, i'm going to miss him so much." i hugged her tight and my mom came up and grandma said, "i wanted to hug him one more time."

my grandma golden's sister, my great aunt mary is 96 1/2, in a wheelchair, with a breathing tube, and she shakes while she talks. when i was growing up when you asked aunt mary how she was doing she'd always reply, "whoever i can and the good ones twice." Ha! who can get away with saying that? and she always has made everyone feel so beautiful and heard. she'd hold my cheeks in her soft old lady hands and she'd say, "you're so beautiful. you're so gorgeous." with such conviction that you'd be forced to believe it was true. what a gift she is. she looked around the reception yesterday and repeated, "you're all so vibrant, you're all so young." i squeezed her tight and told her she was beautiful when i first saw her at the church and i hope she believed me, i was hoping she heard me.

it was a tough day. i'm still reeling from it all. my grandfather was laid to rest at the same cemetery as my grandma amelia was back at the end of september. if you had told me i'd be back there so soon i'd have answered a defiant, no way. but there i was in the same black velvet coat, black boots, and tears forced to say goodbye by death.


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so i have a little time today while the movers load the truck full of our stuff. i've been reading a lot this morning. i came across this article about death and i want to share it.

 i've been thinking about death so much since my grandmother's passing in september. while meditating during my reiki classes last fall i had a very powerful message or thought, (depends on how you look at it). i had the intense, fun, knock you over kind of "thought", there is no such thing as death. there is more. there is a continuation i just know it. so when i read this article this morning i was inspired to share it. love to all, have a beautiful day.

Starting a New Year with Death

ps the link is not about the after death possibilities, it's about living fully now.

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