Yesterday I ran six miles, hung out with Eliot, did three loads of laundry, took him to swim lessons. Swam after swim lessons, played at the park, drove home, cat napped, then took a one and a half hour long power vinyasa class. I ate, took a shower and slept.

This morning I lifted weights, jumped on my rebounder, ran four miles and came home to shower and get everyone ready for a trip to the farm! We went to a berry farm today with the family and Eliot was an amazing berry picker! He even got to pet a very busy pig who was too engrossed in eating to care. The pigs did snort in happiness when Summer gave them some rubs on their backs. Sweet. I wore sandals and a sun dress and now I have a sunburn and a few scrapes on my ankles from the brambles. Dropped Eliot and Andy at the pool for swim lessons while the rest of us had an adventure going through the Burgerville drive-thru. Forgotten sandwich, fries, stickers and a drink and we finally got out of there. They were crazy busy! Ran back over to pick up Eliot and Andy and give them their lunches, home for napping, and then off to another yoga class for one hour. The grocery store alone was my last trip of the day.

I just can't believe how busy the last couple days have been and the summer promises not to slow down. We've got more swimming lessons, music classes, gym classes, grandparents visiting, marathon training, business trips, Hawaii trip, birthdays, our nine year wedding anniversary, and I just signed up for a month long introductory membership to a yoga studio which means I can go to as many classes as I can fit into my schedule (and that my body can keep up with)!

Napping is the key, and green smoothies!

Favorite green smoothie recipe of the moment:
one whole lemon
water to get it moving
kale or spinach- as much as I can cram in
one cucumber
an entire head of celery

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