After many meals out at restaurants and all the exercise and digesting I put my body through I every so often do 24 hours of just water or a water fast. I've read water fasting is the most effective rest/jump start you can give your body and since I find it comfortable I'm happy to do it. But this is a special case in which I am prepping the day before a little more mindfully then usual. I wanted today's eats/drinks to be quick digesting nutrient rich foods- and keep me going! I have a busy week ahead with Eliot's final week of classes & his 6th birthday party this weekend! I'm even already planning on what I'll break my fast with tomorrow night… hmmmm….but as for today here's what I had:

10 ounces water

B: one cup chocolate yerba mate tea with honey

One hour workout- 30 minutes of weights and body weight exercises followed by treadmill jog, runs and hill climbs for the second half.

S: one cup coconut water (I Love coconut water. It's perfection.)

S: one and a half cups almond milk with SunWarrior protein powder

S: half a bottle of Happy Boost goji berry juice with green tea, pear juice and more yummies see here (My brother left this in my fridge last month and I think I would buy it- it gave me a great kick of energy and it wasn't overly sweet. Yum!)

S: my amazingly weird chia-almond milk-chocolate-banana-greener grasses chocolate powder pudding with vanilla stevia, maca, cinnamon and probably more I'm forgetting.

10 ounces water

D: steamed asparagus and steamed rapini with fresh squeezed lemon, tumeric, onion powder and black pepper.

DS: one square dark chocolate

Probiotic and water

PS This blog post today by Angela really speaks to me and the way I'm trying to eat. Enjoy!

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