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today is the one year anniversary of my little blog, and my hubby has yet to link to me.

eliot has a cold. i have an ear problem. my grandma is 4 1/2 weeks into her doctors telling her she has a week to two weeks to live. i've spent probably more then 2 hours so far, just today brainstorming with loved ones about the future. andy went into work late like for the fifth day this week. my food from cafe soulstice has already expired and i just bought it yesterday, i'm afraid my cooler is not as good as i thought, especially in this heat. my blood pressure was 106/64 at the doctor this morning and i wish i could hear out of my right ear. that's all for now. i just had to post something on my heartshapedsky vox blog today.

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What was your version of teenage rebellion? 
Brought to you by the movie Georgia Rule.

dressing like a semi goth fairy. sneaking around with the boyfriend my parents had forbidden me to have contact with.
i had some parties while my parents were out of town. boys slept over, the usual trouble. but i was a virgin until i was 20, i never did drugs, and i didn't get sick drunk until my 21st birthday. so take that, typical teenage rebellion! i did however place tons of blame on my dear friend janah, who was always getting into more trouble then i ever thought about. she was an easy target. but also a super fun instigator.

clothing! today i wore my owl skinny jeans, michael stars black bell sleeved top, one of my heartshapedsky necklaces and my glitter pink flats. yesterday i wore my birdie thermal that has black birds and red hearts on it with a black tee over it and a red jacket with tiny white hearts on it. thursday we stayed home. wednesday i wore my generra mini dress and brown born clogs, love this one! 

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