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If you've know me you probably know I'm a big sucker for Hello Kitty. In fact just yesterday I wore three Hello Kitty necklaces at once. My Tarina Tarantino kitty bling! And today I get an email from Nordstrom announcing the MAC Hello Kitty collection. Swoon.

Gotta run!

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list of tattoos i would've wanted around 8 years old
*a unicorn
*a fairy
*hello kitty
*a rainbow
*a lisa frank image

at 16 years old
*tori amos lyrics
*a shadow person
*a swirly flower
*a butterfly

at 20 years old (when i did decide on that shadow person and heart that is on my left shoulder blade)
*a white daisy
*a butterfly
*a fairy

at 26- when i was really considering it again
*same as at 20

at 32 i really want another tattoo. i want something small and girly. bird, stars, a mermaid, a cupcake. something sweet. i also love the idea of changing my green shadow person tattoo into a green fairy much like the old disney images. i'm open to ideas! anyone?

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