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2012 stuff in no particular order:


Big Island trip with friends

Drank lots of green juice from canteen and portland juice press

New York trip

Los Angeles trip

Wanderlust Tahoe trip

Las Vegas trip

Eliot finished 2nd grade

Started third

I ran

I did yoga

I took 103 classes on

Worked out at PlantFit all year long

Eliot had 3 teeth removed

Swam with sea turtles in Hawaii

Husband put on xoxo festival

Met an online friend I’ve admired for years XO

Met a twitter friend in person who rules

Made two new close friends ❤

Wrote poems

Started drawing again


Husband went to London, Belfast, Dusseldorf, Boston, foo camp

Went to walla walla for cousins wedding

Spent time with sister getting to know her better

Arcade birthday party for Eliot’s 8th

Went to Disneyland

Ran with Scott Jurek and Tim Van Orden

Competed in my first trail run, second place in my age group

Saw Mates of State with husband

Went to a movie alone

Went to Sauvie Island beach for the first time

Celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary

Actively tried to be more generous, patient and kind

Walked across the Williamsburg bridge eating a treat from Babycakes

Spent countless sweet moments with Eliot that make my heart burst

Danced with husband when we saw mc frontalot

Witnessed a house fire next to our house

Went to boh dinner at portobello

Visited an all indoors quilted campsite

Oregon beach day

California beach day

Starred in my brother’s video and Eliot shot the footage with my phone

Had a casual conversation in NYC with a guy I’ve been watching on tv since I was in elementary school

First kirtan and then met and ate dinner with Krishna Das

Ate a lot of chocolate

Felt smarter than two of the smartest people I’ve ever known for two minutes

Tried and loved Ani Phyo’s fat blast

Bought tickets to VidaVeganCon 2013

Got my meat eating cousins to come workout with me at PlantFit and blew their minds with the awesomeness

Made a promise to myself and mostly kept it

Husband and nephew launched playfic

Let myself be filmed working out for the new PlantFit video

Tried to help a girl not crash her bike and I got a bit crashed

My beloved blendtec died and I bought a vitamix and found new love

I climbed the rope at the gym for the first time!

Went to MOMA alone, took photos and wrote a poem

Went for a boat ride in october in Portland!


Now on to the next one! Happy!



Grateful for…

walking to school with Eliot

vegan food

being able to walk to the vegan grocery store and the vegan gym


(this is not in any particular order)

sunshine in Portland in December, enough for me to weed the garden and not have a runny nose

money to buy holiday gifts


upcoming trips

my relationships


and that it’s Friday and I can spend time with my husband and little man this weekend. So lucky lucky lucky am I.


On Thursday it seemed to be raining bad news one thing after another and all that we learned broke my heart. Life is coming at us and all we have is now. Tell people you love them. Teach your children to love. Open your heart. Be there for yourself so you can be there for others.

Love to you,