24 ounces water

B: half a grapefruit and 2 small pieces coffee chocolate

one hour workout: 4 mile run, 820 stairs, playground abs and pull-ups

S: passion fruit coconut water

S#2: smoothie: head of cilantro, cacao, 2 dates, frozen cherries, 2 bananas, Sami's Superfood blend (maca, cacao, etc). Seriously not very good but drank it anyways. These are expensive ingredients and they are good for me so in my body it went! 

L: Nephew's bday party! Little pasta and sauce, salad, 2 pieces of bread, loads of snap peas and some gaucamole. Chocolate square.

S: Ate a couple handfuls of arugula and bites of grapefruit before heading out to the amazing Indish for dinner with the fam.

D: At Indish I ate a veggie samosa, eggplant with tomato sauce, salad, chickpeas, lentils, few bites of (so not vegan) cardamom creme brulee & bites of Eliot's pumpkin (very vegan) whoopie pie from Back to Eden.

S: Tea

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