I love all Target's GO lines, the concept is brilliant for business and fun for the fashion consumers. Everyone is jumping on board this idea now, notably Charlotte Ronson for JC Penney and I just learned about Norma Kamali's line for Walmart. What? I love Norma's sleek futuristic sporty design aesthetic but no, I can't go to Walmart, their reputation is horrible and I'm kind of proud to say I haven't been inside one. But, she came out with a simple palette of red, black and white wrap dresses, tunics, and bags. There are some bland peices too but most are basic and modern. And the prices are obscenely low- who is making this stuff? No, reall who is makng this stuff? How ethical is it?

Check out the batwing cardigan for $18, I've seen Norma do a simialar style for triple digits!


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