"I believe this is a tremendously exciting time to be alive.  I believe if we look and listen with our hearts, we can see very clearly now the emerging new paradigm based on love, unity, peace, prosperity, abundance, hope, change, harmony, sustainability.  All we have to do is keep that vision clear, not fall prey to the fears and worries that easily beset us in these tumultuous times.  I’m bringing my children up for a world that is going to be unimaginably different from the one I grew up in.  Really, how could I know what to teach them, what skills they will need?  So all I can do is to empower them to be themselves, to teach them self-knowledge, self-awareness, and self-responsibility.  To trust that they have all the answers they need inside of themselves.  Or in their words, to become Jedi Knights!!"

-Kate Magic of  Raw Living

Taken form a great interview you can read here: http://rawmom.com/blog/?p=520

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