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If you could get everyone in the world to change their behavior in one way, what would you have them do differently?
Submitted by Ross.

if i was lucky enough to bend the world at my will i would wave a magic wand to make everyone vegan. yup, all vegies, fruits, beans, greens and whole grains all the time. yum yum. a compassionate world is a peaceful world. in my perfect vision everyone would see the benefits, the joy and the bliss that comes from not eating animals and animal byproducts. lean waist line, increased energy, no global warming. no bad cholesterol! a clear mind full of peace and love. that's my wish.

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Which person from your past, who you've lost touch with, do you wonder about the most? 
Submitted by ancora impara.

melodi daniels
shelly sampson
jackie rogers
albert livsey
richard sloniker
becky kilts
ahram kim
nate johnson
april ackerson
george graham

this is a list off the top of my head, couple old boyfriends~ just curious. a few girlfriends from elementary school. and a few high school friends. where are you guys?

melodi was wonderful. she was the girl everyone wanted to be friends with. we had sleepovers, played in the snow and tons of friends in common at kapowsin  elementary in graham, washington.

shelly sampson was my mormon friend. she came from a beautiful, close family. when i met her i told my mom i wanted to be a mormon.

jackie rogers. every boy loved jackie! but a few girls, not so much. she was a kid that got anything she wanted all the time. but we always had a blast together. i loved her!

albert livsey. we told everyone in the seventh grade at bethel junior high that we were brother and sister. he was just cool.

richard sloniker. first kiss. seventh grade. he was super tiny skinny kid with red converse.

becky kilts. so special. i send you lots of love wherever you may be!

ahram kim. super cool-geeky smart girl i knew at puyallup high school.

nate johnson. senior class president at puyallup. my friend.

april ackerson. sometimes i know when i'm going to like someone a lot when they completely aggravate me at first, i know so crazy. april was trouble and sweetness. i send her love all the time and i hope she's unbelievably happy..

george graham. i had such a big crush on george in the seventh grade. i asked to wear his jacket all the time. i think i was probably really annoying. he was a little blonde goth kid. i started listening to the cure because of george. i think i was about 20 years old when i was leaving a restaurant in seattle after a late night of dancing when i heard someone call my name. it was george. he gave me a big hug and there was this certain something there that i can't exactly say.
i can't give it all away since i'm using his real name, but he seemed happy and that was really nice to see.

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What are some things that are worth (and not worth) spending money on? 
Submitted by pinejar.

i love good food. good travel. nice clothes. a home. a car. and a little extra for some peace of mind. that come what may we can still eat, be dressed and have a home.

but what happens to all this stuff we buy and generally spend money on? andy and i have been discussing this because we want to get rid of some, or maybe a lot, of our stuff. what kind of impact do the things we buy truly have on our environment, our economy, or world? as i pack bags full of stuff i've spent money on i envision their new lives. perhaps on a goodwill shelf and then brought home to someone else's world. who knows? i just know i can't care, cause it's just stuff.

don't get me wrong, i'm holding on to my mom's ring and charm bracelet and a bracelet that my brother and sister-in-law bought for me in Mexico after they lived there for awhile, came home, and got married (but that's another story.) i'm being selective about the sentimental stuff. the necklace i wore in high school with a tiny rainbow assortment of beads and a bell on the end. and the necklace lydia made for me all purple with a silver angel charm. that one hung in my zoomie car for a long time.

so the stuff worth spending money on are things to do with health like good food and how about massages too: traveling to see this world and the beautiful people we love on it: oh, i do love clothes and a bargain, and now they need to be eco-friendly to boot! a home to live in of course, again hopefully earth-friendly. a car is nice to get our booties from place to place (and eventually i hope to have a "green" automobile). hopefully to eat good food and see great people instead of buying "stuff". and yes a little extra for some peace of mind, some wiggle room, for a rainy day, for someone else's rainy day and so on. i like money, i like having money. i like sharing money and experiences and life. may we all have the money we need to buy the stuff we need. and may we be self aware and true to ourselves through our purchases.

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Have you figured out what your (or your kids') Halloween costume will be this year?  What's it going to be?

after having my wisdom teeth removed on thursday, at the moment i look like a squirrel with botox. but as for halloween i just ordered eliot a buzz light year costume, the jesse wig and hat for myself and andy woody's hat and holster. i have no idea if these items will fit us adults but we'll have fun either way! that's all i've got for now, my face hurts.

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What experience or moment in your life have you learned the most from? 
Submitted by AngieK

the last day and a half was spent in seattle attending my grandma amelia's rosary and funeral. so many thoughts went through my head i wish i had them all recorded so i could play them all back to myself and make some beautiful sense.

amelia was my dad's mom. a dear friend of amelia's said that my grandma never said a negative word about anyone and she asked us all, do you know anyone else you can say that about? and it's true. she was so positive, fun, adventurous and kind. kind beyond what you think is possible. patient and in the moment.

my dad's back causes him a lot of pain these days. coupling that with his grief he at times looked so overwhelmed and sad that i didn't know if he was going to fall over from the pain in his back or his heart. he beckoned for his five children to be near him. so we did. seeing my brother's cry, my dear cousins and second cousins weep. there were times when i'd look around and everyone's faces looked very old. their sadness and holding back tears aging their beautiful faces for the moment.

my aunt marianne, amelia's daughter, my dad's sister, she was amazing. i watched her body shake at times but she kept reaching out to comfort others, to squeeze tight. as she left the mausoleum marianne said, "goodbye mom" and "i'll see you later" as she waved to her large white coffin and went out the door.

my brother, todd and i watched as her coffin was set upon the risers that lift her up and up, about three men high to her resting place next to her husband, william mchatton. gone is the gentleness we witnessed at the rosary and at the church now it's time to put the box in to it's concrete hole. it's so strange but i've come this far and i'm going to keep my eyes on that white beautiful box until it's secured. the men push it in with force, i think it must be so heavy. next, they push in the square piece of concrete that needs to fit in so precisely that one of the man starts banging away. the quiet is gone and of course i'm crying and watching him pound and pound, unneeded concrete falls to the sacred floor. he finally gets it right and he proclaims "i did it!" and an "i'm sorry," the latter in our direction.

we walked outside to see a beautiful day full of fluffy clouds, sunshine, rolling green hills and a few dark gray clouds which burst at untimed intervals. i can relate to those clouds.

my brother, tony says throughout this experience, she's given us the blueprint on how to live. i know he's right. and he says the bar is set high.

on thursday night at the rosary i felt so sad and it was so difficult to see her wonderful pictures my cousin, amy had so lovingly spent time arranging. i didn't want to look at her photos or the open casket, i wanted so badly to see her and to touch her. how could we all be together like this? this day had come. like it will come for all of us. and i just wanted to hold on to the last time i saw her. how soft her cheeks had felt when i kissed her. how she told eliot how proud she was of him, and me and andy. and then as amelia's friend martina was going through the rosary i had another quick moment of clarity as i had about a week before. this time i felt grandma there. and she wasn't in that body, but instead she was with us, all around us, watching us, and a part of each of us. i knew at that moment i needed to keep coming back to this feeling to get through the grief and the unknown.

the heart wants what it wants and then there is death and oh how my heart wants to know what's next.

i don't feel like this post says enough or what i want to say exactly but i think i'll stop writing now. it's all so very big. our experiences, our lives, our love. our grandma always asked lots of questions and cared about what others had to say. may her life shine eternally in everyone who knew her and in the stories that will continue to be told.   

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