What does it mean to live well? 
Submitted by Dean.

this is an important question because what do you think of first? do you think big with big money? do you think wealth in health? do you think riches in love? do you think of a soft place to lay your head? is your world what you dream? is it plush, is it soft, is it warm and sweet and brimming with life? do you have good food to eat, that is good for you, the planet and your soul? do you take time for yourself? do you say 'thank you' with such deeply felt gratitude that you get a little dizzy?

if you do, then that is beautiful. if you don't, switch your perspective around a little bit (or a lot). we're all here, as witnesses to this world, in this time and place and to other's lives. live well. embrace your health, embrace the one's you live, embrace yourself. do something decadent for yourself, be well inside your heart.


*i had to use a joni mitchell lyric today. mix it up

p.s.yesterday i wore a grey tee and sweats, my last day of studying, yipeeeeeeeee

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