Try not to eat your screen. These were the most amazing, delicate, cloud-like desserts. Extraordinary in texture and taste. Love goes into these. You taste it.

7-4-2009 7-13-37 AM_1262 by waxpancake.
Sweets inside

7-4-2009 7-21-20 AM_1265 by waxpancake.
Our box

7-4-2009 7-25-39 AM_1271 by waxpancake.
Our box opened

Who knew! Macaroons from Pierre Herme. by waxpancake.
I love the design on this box

7-4-2009 7-22-55 AM_1269 by waxpancake.
They tell you how to make them?? This book was Huge

7-4-2009 7-23-21 AM_1270 by waxpancake.


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