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On Sunday we went to brunch at Tasty and Sons then headed to Multnomah Falls. I thought about changing my clothes between each outing but instead I just quickly slipped off my heals for my Vibrams before driving to the falls. And I'm so thankful I did at least that. One look at that tall switchback trail and I wanted to burst out running! So I did! Now I can't wait to go back again, properly attired and enjoy the amazing air, views and mist from the falls and go all the way up. ahhhhh

Brunch spot:
2010-04-18 12-23-58 - IMG_5864 by waxpancake.
Wrong shoes for hiking/running! My dark green Vivienne Westwood for Melissa:
2010-04-18 11-38-15 - IMG_5863 by waxpancake.
My very cute and wrong outfit for running. Silk top from Liberty of London for Target, belt from Mooshoes & Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans:
2010-04-18 19-16-06 - IMG_5914 by waxpancake.
We found a heart shaped rock:

2010-04-18 14-58-11 - IMG_5884 by waxpancake.
A very small portion of the very tall falls:
2010-04-18 15-12-50 - IMG_5906 by waxpancake.
Walking one of the bridges:
2010-04-18 15-10-47 - IMG_5904 by waxpancake.


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Love this outfit. Fun to wear. What more could I ask for?

2010-01-10 17-47-13 - IMG_4738 by waxpancake.
Rodarte for Target blue dress
Rodarte for Target mustard lace cardigan
Forever 21 gray cardigan
JCrew blue flower belt
Tarina Tarantino heart necklace
Target heart tights
Blue Fluevogs
Marc by Marc Jacobs red and white striped fingerless gloves

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A few outfits I wore in early summer 2009 in Paris…

First evening in Paris by waxpancake.
Anthropologie dress, Handmade bag from Portland bought at Frock & boots. Forgive the very blurry photo please!

7-4-2009 11-18-54 AM_1340 by waxpancake.
Dress by Tracy Reese from Anthropologie, I love this midnight forest pattern so much!

7-7-2009 4-08-11 AM_1929 by waxpancake.
Betsey Johnson dress, Nordstrom socks and John Fluevog shoes.

7-8-2009 2-30-16 PM_2291 by waxpancake.
This one is a one of a kind dress by Bonnie Heart Clyde, a local designer in Portland. It' a vintage linen piece with an embroidered tree-woman and flowers.

7-8-2009 5-57-39 AM_2113 by waxpancake.
On a rainy day in Paris at the Amelie carousel I have on a many seasons ago Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, Forever 21 cardigan, CAT boots and a Pancake Meow cupcake necklace.

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Summer 2009-
New York

Our trip was incredible. People fascinate me everywhere. Design and colors and culture. Museums and history and the summer sky. A little girl named Ayla making a harsh moment soften (on the flight from Chicago to PDX). Beautiful souls coming through warm smiles (Le Seiste restaurant in Paris). A church so old and full of prayers my head hurt and eyes burned (Notre Dame in Paris). New foods for all three of us and a new language for a week, not to mention the language of travel. Packing and unpacking. Laundry in hotel sinks. A room so small they asked us if we'd be needing all of our luggage. A hotel just under 300 years old (Eliot said hi to a ghost there, I never asked if he was joking).-London.  Soldiers with machine guns at the base of the Eiffel Tower. The Mona Lisa taking my breath away (I'll probably devote an entire post on that moment alone). Best raw food desserts ever (Pure Food and Wine NYC). Talking with models about raw foods (NYC at Pure Takeaway). Music in parks. Go-carts in the park for Eliot (base of the Eiffel Tower). Riding the carousel from 'Amelie'. Cigarette smoke (mostly in London and Paris). Small children with boats at the Jardin des Luxembourg (Paris). Marc by Marc Jacobs in the West Village (NYC). Isabel Marant in Paris. Vivienne Westwood for Melissa green shoes found in NY, on sale! Navigating health food stores in different countries. Sweet girls at the Breakfast Club (London) mixing up a green smoothie for me per my request, love!

2300 photos coming soon.  

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Before our trip to SoCal I blogged a list of things I wanted to do so here's what I got to (almost everything!):

*family -check

*sunshine -check

*the ocean -in Santa Barbara after a great lunch at the Chamomile Cafe in Carpinteria

*Christmas -check

*birthdays -check

*new year -check

*loads of raw restaurants!! -check

*Camarillo outlets: Betsey Johnson, AG, and more! -check

*Santa Monica promenade -twice!

*Juliano's Raw -loads more then I should admit!

*Rawvolution -oh my goodness the raw chocolate mint cheesecake! I even bought a tank top!

*Real Food Daily -tasty with some raw options!

*Disneyland -check. Way busier then we hoped but we had so much fun. Eliot keeps asking when we can go back.
                    He was so fearless! Eliot went on Tower of Terror, Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain. Seriously.

*Malibu- Cross Creek -nope

*gym -Yes and no… I didn't go to 24 Hour Fitness as I had planned but rather went to a yoga/pilates studio in the valley with my mother-in-law. Her instructor kicks all kinds of butt! So love her! I also had fantastic workouts running through Woodland Hills and later in Ojai. Can I tell you about the difference in air quality? Wow.

*Au Lac- nope.

*Cru -Wow. Amazing service, amazing food, beautiful atmosphere at night. I really liked this little place in Silverlake.

*Santa Monica stairs -Yes! Gorgeous foggy Santa Monica day. As those who live there know it can be sunny and bright
                                    at 14th Street but at 7th completely cold and foggy. The stairs are at the end of 4th. Pretty
                                    crowded for a chilly December day! Loved it!

*The beach -drove by it, sat in the sand, loved it.

*Tarina Tarantino -Brought in an online coupon for a discount. I bought a few hair accessories.

*Marc by Marc Jacobs -Love the cheapy stuff. I bought compacts and fingerless mittens, an umbrella with hearts all
                                      over it and more. Score.

*friends! -Tried so hard to see people and very thankful for a couple meet ups with familiar smiling faces. Hugs!

*Leaf -I only got here once when I thought it'd be my staple while staying in the valley. Just got so busy! Still great!
          Funny story: As I was ordering a very impatient LA girl was waiting so I told her to go ahead of me but
          guy had already started my stuff so she huffed and puffed shifting the weight on her feet saying, "Shit" under
          her breath. (But still audibly, hello?) Anyway, sorta typical regional behavior. When she did get her drink she
          turned into evryone's best friend with a flashy smile and big "Thank you!" Are you kidding me? ha

*Madeleine Bistro -Had a brunch here with just me and the husband which was nice and then extra extra lovely was
                              when my (not vegan) inlaws took us back for a beautiful dinner. The food was incredible!!!
                              Thank you again!!

*Montana Ave -Met a dear friend here for girl talk and people watching. One of my favorite places for people and dog
                         watching in LA.

*Ojai -So wonderful! The park, sweet Catherine and her equally groovy daughter Molly at Bhavantu, ran in the sun,
          the Sunday farmer's market, Serendipity toy store and all!!

 California by Joni Mitchell

Sitting in a park in Paris France
Reading the news and it sure looks bad
They won't give peace a chance
That was just a dream some of us had
Still a lot of lands to see
But I wouldn't want to stay here
It's too old and cold and settled in its ways here
Oh but California

California I'm coming home
I'm going to see the folks I dig
I'll even kiss a Sunset pig
California I'm coming home

I met a redneck on a Grecian isle
Who did the goat dance very well
He gave me back my smile
But he kept my camera to sell
Oh the rogue the red red rogue
He cooked good omelettes and stews
And I might have stayed on with him there
But my heart cried out for you California

Oh California I'm coming home
Oh make me feel good rock 'n' roll band
I'm your biggest fan
California I'm coming home

Oh it gets so lonely
When you're walking
And the streets are full of strangers
All the news of home you read
Just gives you the blues
Just gives you the blues
So I bought me a ticket
I caught a plane to Spain
Went to a party down a red dirt road
There were lots of pretty people there
Reading Rolling Stone reading Vogue
They said "How long can you hang around?"
I said a week maybe two
Just until my skin turns brown
Then I'm going home to California

California I'm coming home
Oh will you take me as I am
Strung out on another man
California I'm coming home

Oh it gets so lonely
When you're walking
And the streets are full of strangers
All the news of home you read
More about the war
And the bloody changes
Oh will you take me as I am?
Will you take me as I am?
Will you?

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Eliot and I were being silly with this stuffed ghost, husband says this photo is a little weird. I think it's funny!

10-6-2008 9-12-07 AM_0009 by waxpancake


Free People owl thermal

Chunky knitted scarf

AG jeans

Nine West brown wedge boots

I've been wanting a Stella McCartney bag for a long time. She has done a few lines for LeSportSac and this bag finally went on sale for 75% off. Much better pictures on their site. It's a very dark purple gray color with quilted flowers, hearts and stars. Love it! And it's huge!

10-10-2008 4-53-15 AM_0017 by waxpancake

Andy bought this bag for me a couple of years ago and I still use it a lot. It's a Marc by Marc Jacobs cotton bag with dots and a funny little bird on it.

10-6-2008 6-39-29 AM_0004 by waxpancake

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I love clothes and shoes. And I adore Fluevogs and here's my issue. I'm vegan and I believe I shouldn't be galavanting around town in an animal's skin. And I'm pretty sure almost every cute shoe on the planet is made out of leather. Why oh why?

And by the way, my car has leather interior and I still wear all of the leather shoes I bought before I decided I just couldn't purchase them any longer.

However, I just bought two pairs of shoes tonight from I bought a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs plastic red glittery sandals and a pair of Nine West sandals, both sans leather. Then I head over to Fluevog and the designs are gorgeous and I'm left feeling left out and discouraged. So, I'll look at the bright side: with less ethical options at the moment I spend less. Zappos is fantastic, by the way. With their free shipping and free returns.

xoxo Big love to cruelty free fashion.   

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got in to new york city early last thursday morning on the red eye. we ate breakfast at olives at the w hotel where we were staying and then fell asleep…

thursday evening:
angelica's kitchen-early dinner
bird bath bakery- vegan sweets

atlas- breakfast with vegan cupcakes for dessert
milk and cookies-dessert (not vegan)
'snice- grabbed a cupcake for later
max brenners chocolate cafe- drinks
woogies- cosmos
olive and bettes-boutique
marc jacobs- shopping
arturo's- pizza dinner
the denim hub-boutique
an ren-closed and no hours posted!
gominyc-closed and no hours posted!
toy store- across the street from the denim hub
jonothan adler- design store

toys r us
fao shwartz
grand central- the most magical christmas show ad feeling here at the train station
moo shoes- vegan shoes!
thai food- i can't remember the name
kaight- boutique
nick's-greek food dinner
patricia field-ultimate punk rock boutique
teany- i wished we'd had a meal here. i grabbed some vegan desserts to go

the coffee bar- breakfast with my high school prom date who lives in brooklyn
candle 79- dinner on the upper east side, gourmet vegan food, i'm still wanting more
the natural history museum
indian food- didn't catch the name here either, it was on colombus upper west side
crumb- cheating again with a delicious cupcake i shared with eliot and andy

le pain- brunch with andy's friends
macy's- to see santa claus, it went beautifully!
soy luck club- sandwich and a soyafrost before heading to jfk
kid fresh was at jfk! what a great surprise because i had forgotten it while in the city.

all in all new york is the greatest city in the world. nicest people, rivaling sydney in my opinion. great people watching. endless shopping, restaurants, and beauty. i heart ny.

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Are you taking a vacation this summer (or this season)?  Where are you headed and who's going with you?

we are going to portland, seattle, santa rosa, mammoth and maui in the next few months. plus hopefully a fun los angles weekend for dinner, disneyland and family.

clothes! today i wore my pink vox t shirt! yesterday i had on a simple red t with a tiny little pocket. wednesday i wore a baby pink h&m t with a brown nest tank from doe. tuesday i wore my sweats all day, we had gym class so i had on my dark blue nike sweats and an amy tangerine 'go' t. monday i had on a button up that i got in portland when i was shopping with lydia. and if your reading this lydia, i don't think i'm going to keep it. it feels a little too bit costumey-rock-a-billy to me. and i've also worn my marc by marc jacobs red thermal with blue flowers on it and my love all creatures great and small t this week.

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What is your home decorating style, and how has it changed over time? Do you have plans to redecorate? 
Submitted by enSue.

i think i hold back to much in my decorating style. i'm really into minimalism and modern. and andy tends to be afraid of this being too cold so i end up adding shapes and colors that aren't my first choice. my other reason for holding back is that i've always been waiting to do what i truly want to do for the house we own/build.

so i like simple but i also like little bits of lovely personality with photos, art, sentimental pieces, but not cluttered. as i design my dream house i'll be incorporating built-ins and shelves, places for art, big windows. i start salivating at the thought. i really want to design a home for us.

clothing! on monday i ended up with a third outfit! i put on a lacy white tank layered under a marc by marc jacobs tunic top and true religion dark jeans with the woman patch on the butt. tuesday i wore my charolette i love you red and white striped tee and jeans to eliot's new gym class! wednesday i did camp consultations and had on my white tank under my lamb pirate ship tee, marc by marc jacobs green gauchos and black boots. in the evening i went to an amazing event* with eliot in menlo park and wore a lovely black top with satin covered buttons on the 3/4 length sleeves, a key hole back and fitted, jeans rolled to my knees with tall black boots.

*roz savage gave an inspiring talk telling her atlantic ocean tale and answering questions. eliot even got to touch her big boat!!

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