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got in to new york city early last thursday morning on the red eye. we ate breakfast at olives at the w hotel where we were staying and then fell asleep…

thursday evening:
angelica's kitchen-early dinner
bird bath bakery- vegan sweets

atlas- breakfast with vegan cupcakes for dessert
milk and cookies-dessert (not vegan)
'snice- grabbed a cupcake for later
max brenners chocolate cafe- drinks
woogies- cosmos
olive and bettes-boutique
marc jacobs- shopping
arturo's- pizza dinner
the denim hub-boutique
an ren-closed and no hours posted!
gominyc-closed and no hours posted!
toy store- across the street from the denim hub
jonothan adler- design store

toys r us
fao shwartz
grand central- the most magical christmas show ad feeling here at the train station
moo shoes- vegan shoes!
thai food- i can't remember the name
kaight- boutique
nick's-greek food dinner
patricia field-ultimate punk rock boutique
teany- i wished we'd had a meal here. i grabbed some vegan desserts to go

the coffee bar- breakfast with my high school prom date who lives in brooklyn
candle 79- dinner on the upper east side, gourmet vegan food, i'm still wanting more
the natural history museum
indian food- didn't catch the name here either, it was on colombus upper west side
crumb- cheating again with a delicious cupcake i shared with eliot and andy

le pain- brunch with andy's friends
macy's- to see santa claus, it went beautifully!
soy luck club- sandwich and a soyafrost before heading to jfk
kid fresh was at jfk! what a great surprise because i had forgotten it while in the city.

all in all new york is the greatest city in the world. nicest people, rivaling sydney in my opinion. great people watching. endless shopping, restaurants, and beauty. i heart ny.

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Are you taking a vacation this summer (or this season)?  Where are you headed and who's going with you?

we are going to portland, seattle, santa rosa, mammoth and maui in the next few months. plus hopefully a fun los angles weekend for dinner, disneyland and family.

clothes! today i wore my pink vox t shirt! yesterday i had on a simple red t with a tiny little pocket. wednesday i wore a baby pink h&m t with a brown nest tank from doe. tuesday i wore my sweats all day, we had gym class so i had on my dark blue nike sweats and an amy tangerine 'go' t. monday i had on a button up that i got in portland when i was shopping with lydia. and if your reading this lydia, i don't think i'm going to keep it. it feels a little too bit costumey-rock-a-billy to me. and i've also worn my marc by marc jacobs red thermal with blue flowers on it and my love all creatures great and small t this week.

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What is your home decorating style, and how has it changed over time? Do you have plans to redecorate? 
Submitted by enSue.

i think i hold back to much in my decorating style. i'm really into minimalism and modern. and andy tends to be afraid of this being too cold so i end up adding shapes and colors that aren't my first choice. my other reason for holding back is that i've always been waiting to do what i truly want to do for the house we own/build.

so i like simple but i also like little bits of lovely personality with photos, art, sentimental pieces, but not cluttered. as i design my dream house i'll be incorporating built-ins and shelves, places for art, big windows. i start salivating at the thought. i really want to design a home for us.

clothing! on monday i ended up with a third outfit! i put on a lacy white tank layered under a marc by marc jacobs tunic top and true religion dark jeans with the woman patch on the butt. tuesday i wore my charolette i love you red and white striped tee and jeans to eliot's new gym class! wednesday i did camp consultations and had on my white tank under my lamb pirate ship tee, marc by marc jacobs green gauchos and black boots. in the evening i went to an amazing event* with eliot in menlo park and wore a lovely black top with satin covered buttons on the 3/4 length sleeves, a key hole back and fitted, jeans rolled to my knees with tall black boots.

*roz savage gave an inspiring talk telling her atlantic ocean tale and answering questions. eliot even got to touch her big boat!!

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outfits: today i wore all purple again, the same outfit i wore in ojai. yesterday was a long walk to the park in a brown tank, stripey belt and seven jeans. and the day before was my marc by marc jacobs smile dot top.

so i wore the same outfit twice already and i shopped in ojai and i did buy a pair of booty shorts for $10 the other day. which i totally said don't even count, because you know, they're $10 booty shorts. i'm not  sure  i'll  ever  wear them outside.  and i  feel  these  posts  are probably a  bit boring…  is my  experiment over after just one month? no, i'm going to keep going and i'll keep documenting it here because it is convenient.

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happy birthday to hazel and lydia! two angels!

outfits sincelast week:

friday:h&m striped button up (deep v-neck, 3/4 length sleeves), green tank layered over it, joe's jeans, black boots.
night:favorite little brown dress, stripey socks,black boots and marc by marc jacobs dot coat

saturday:light yellow tank, green jumper style dress, and brown fairy fluevogs

sunday:blue ag angel cords, tank from anthropologie with birds and trees on it, and birks

monday:deep purple tank, deep purple sg angel cords, and an apron crocheted sweater dress in lavender and at night i changed out of my tank into a white tee with little pof sleeves

tuesday:"i need performance enhancing hugs" green fila tee, nike exercise pants and new balance black zips

today: seven for all mankind jeans and a light blue "just believe" tee

so i was on vacation and i gave myself a pass to shop at my favorite spot in ojai, bhavantu. the owner's name is cathrine and she is so lovely that each time i see her i think i've ended up buying somethings. and i have another pass in my hot little hands because i just received a gift card to anthropologie from my brother, sis-in-law and fam. trouble trouble.

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so if you know me you know that i shop too much. and i shop everywhere. i shop at boutiques online and inperson. i shop at old navy. i shop at target. i love clothes. lovvvvvve them. but, i spend too much money and often don't get around to wearing the stuff i buy for way too long after i purchase it. i've been thinking for awhile that i need to go on a shopping hiatus. so i finally came up with something that would inspire me in my closets and when i am tempted to shop. like i said, if you know me, this is huge for me. i've decided to give myself a wardrobe challenge. and it is simply this: i must wear every single piece of clothing i own before i can allow myself to buy another item. and if i am tempted and buy an article of clothing, i have to start the entire process all over again!

i started as of yesterday, tuesday february 20. i wore a brown long sleeved sweater/thermal layered under a short sleeved thermal tee with a brown heart on it, brown angel cords and my campers love flats. and a marc by marc jacobs redish hoodie fake fur lined jacket.

today i wore a red and white long sleeved tee and grey cable knit cropped sweater cardigan, both by proenza schouler  for target, seven for all mankind dojo jeans dark wash, and red patent leather maryjane flats.

andy and i were joking that this could take me like 6 months! wish me luck! seriously, wish me luck.

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What do you collect?

1.i'm a big sucker for all things sanrio. primarily hello kitty and chococat. i buy notebooks, bags, wallets, shirts, jewelry and more. it's a problem. i am a grown woman after all. but i enjoy it still.
2.i collect tori amos stuff but not as obsessively as i have in the past. some of my prized collection of tori includes never released photos, they are the 3×5 prints from a photo shoot in studio with michael stipe, a signed little earthquakes promo cassette and a personal message from tori when i met her that she signed on my scarlett's walk map.
3.i love marc jacobs and betsey johnson, i think of my clothes as collections. fantasy is to have a room with all of my art supplies and crafty crap in it. i get giddy around fabrics and ribbons and other trims. i'd be lost for hours creating and organizing.
5.tom robbins
6*.thomas the tank engine is very big in our house and is beginning to rival all of my collections and my husband's put together.

*technically my son's collection, but we all enjoy it.

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