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Our Paris hotel was really cool and had excellent service. We can highly recommend!

7-3-2009 10-03-39 AM_1082 by waxpancake.
Our bed for one glorious week

7-3-2009 10-03-50 AM_1084 by waxpancake.
Macaroons waiting for us from Pierre Hermes

welcoming us with Pierre Herme macaroons by waxpancake.
Up close!

7-3-2009 10-09-35 AM_1092 by waxpancake.
View from our window

Hotel by waxpancake.
The winding staircase, there's also an elevator!

Hotel by waxpancake.

Hotel by waxpancake.
Wall treatment in the lobby

7-8-2009 1-19-55 PM_2261 by waxpancake.

7-8-2009 1-19-40 PM_2260 by waxpancake.

7-8-2009 1-18-38 PM_2257 by waxpancake.

7-6-2009 12-34-01 PM_1833 by waxpancake.
Out the window

Hotel by waxpancake.
Hotel stairs again

7-6-2009 2-17-35 AM_1622 by waxpancake.
And again

7-3-2009 2-06-57 PM_1156 by waxpancake.
Paris sky the night we arrived. I knew my great Auntie Mary's funeral service was happening at the same moment that the sun was setting and as I waited for Andy and Eliot to meet me on the street corner I took some pictures and cried.

7-3-2009 2-06-31 PM_1154 by waxpancake.

Thanks for looking!

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Kauai is magical and beautiful. We spent ten days at the Sheraton on Poipu beach, south shore. Andy snorkeled, zip lined and ate the best seafood ever. I loved almost daily trips to Lotus Bar and Blossoming Lotus, drinking Lava Flows and the waterfall jump! Eliot went on a train ride with his grammie and gramps, and Riley. We swam in pools and in the ocean. Eliot had a fast crush on an island girl named, Sky. Can you stand it? It is crazy beautiful and relaxing.

We had a birthday party for Cooper, our anniversary dinner and celebrated grammie's birthday too! We saw a sea turtle, big and small tropical fish swimming around our feet, chickens everywhere, and a monk seal came to swim with Summer and Mary! Watching Summer in the ocean gave me the courage to really go out far and swim in the ocean. It was exhilarating because I was a bit scared but I loved it. I stayed in that salty water until my eyes burned! A big wave even pushed me down the beach filling my bikini bottoms with sand!

We have great pictures to share. Here are some from my sis-in-law and Andy's cousin, Mary. More later!

yes, that is andy and ami jumping off a cliff.

Andy and I jumped off of a waterfall cliff 20 feet high!


Kauai, north shore

ami. love this shot!

Me, taking a photo of Gina!

ami and her body art.

I don't get to see my tattoos very often!

still night, shakey hand.

I love this one.


At Cooper's party at Brick Oven Pizza.

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