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It's been too long.

Husband and little boy both had the flu and then followed it up with pneumonia and then topped it off with a cold. Five weeks later I escaped with a few days of coughing and runny nose. I think we're all on the mend now.

Eliot is adorable as always and wants to snuggle every morning the same as he's wanted to for years. I find myself relishing in it even more now as he approaches 5 and a half years old! He loves video games on wii, ds and playing on the computer with his daddy. He still plays play-doh, moon sand, tinkertoys, legos, board games, puzzles, builds forts, puts on puppet shows and on and on. It was so scary to see both husband and son so sick for so long that I feel ever so very extra grateful as we approach Thanksgiving this week.

So I wanted to do a quick post and a link to my talented brother's site and particularly to his new festive Thanksgiving song. (If you scroll down there's also a song inspired by Eliot that we love!)   Enjoy!

Much love, wellness and warm cozy houses for all this season.


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Kiss Photo 50.jpg
This photo is from my brothers site, You'll have to go there to learn more.


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today is april 21st and it's my brother's birthday!
here's his website:

please go check it out, he's a mighty talent with heart, beauty and humor. we joke that i am his biggest fan! i just love his music and drawings so much.

have a look and a listen, wish him a happy birthday, and be entertained!


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