eliot loves to climb and it is both cute and frightening. at the park he just goes for it, at times while chanting under his breath, "gonna trick mommy", cause he knows i get nervous.
 my little baby is quickly becoming a little boy before my eyes. this morning the answer to my repeated question, "what would you like for breakfast?" was a dinosaur's roar. last night while andy was changing him into jammies i had to run and grab the camera in order to capture king crazy eliot standing on top of his changing table, half-dressed, yelling "crocodile punching!" over and over. his face all tough and silly and his body throwing pretend punches at daddy's face.
he also loves to open his arms wide and run while pretending he's an airplane. and we play chase at the park on the basketball courts because he likes running on the newly painted white lines. when i catch him his giggle is sweet and infectious.
but for the last three nights when i put him in his crib and sing his goodnight song he asks me if mommy can get in the crib too. you know there's a part of me that wants to and i totally fit and i've done it before. but i have to tell him it's his special bed and blah, blah, blah. and he says i love you mommy and hits his own little chest and says, "the love's in here." and i run back to tell andy stories of our day that make my heart swell and burst.

clothing for the past few days:sat:love green tank with an orangey viney grey tunic over it and jeans. sun:i heart new york rainbow tee. mon:grey splendid long sleeved tee layered under a blue ballet style top with a baby pink bird on it (bought this at doe last year on my birthday) and jeans and glittery pink flats. i changed into a grey tank (from urban outfitters) and black converse when e and i went to the park.

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