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I have a folder on my computer that I named "art". In my art folder I keep things on the internet that inspire me, that I may want to look at again and that touch my soul. I think of most of these bookmarks as "the art of life". Here are some of my links, leap if you'd like. xoxo

"I am a lucky, plucky, good-sucking genius and a highly trained, entertainingly insane hurricane."

"13. If you never doubt your beliefs, then you’re wrong a lot."

Mystic Medusa

"You only lose what you cling to."

"Say what you mean and mean what you say."

"Does it make you bounce out of bed in the mornings…"

Enjoy! And thanks to Gala Darling! I'm pretty sure I end up book marking a lot of her links! xoxoxo


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Dear Saturn Girl,

Some things you need to remember:

*When I breathe deeply and mediate all answers flow through me. A higher voice speaks to me. Questions are answered calmly and full of love.

*When I practice yoga I feel like a superhero. Breathing and bringing my body into a new pose I feel elated, proud, I feel the love and appreciation for what my body (and letting go of my busy brain) can do in absolute physical form. 

*I like remembering my dreams. I like symbolism. I like fantasy and escapism.

*I create how I feel in every moment.

*Being happy for others in their happy moments brings more happiness. It is contagious!

*I am important enough to take good care of. For my son, my husband and the planet.

*I am awake and alive.

*I love to use my hula-hoop.

*I love to dance.

*I love being in the moment with Eliot.

*I love when Andy looks at me.

*I love to run, jump, lift weights, feel the wind and be the wind.

*I love witnessing self-discipline and self-care.

*I love to see people grow, change and love themselves. Creating deeper spaces for the people they love.

*I love reconnecting with familiar faces from my past. I love knowing how they are and seeing photos of their lives and loved ones.

*I love that last week two people I admire so much told me I inspire them. wow. Still taking that in. I need to give that to myself and then gift it to others.

*I think everyone thinks I speak for myself all the time and I really don't think I do. I'm going to truly speak up for myself where it counts. Starting now.

*I love my Vibram five finger shoes. But I like being cute more. I need to where those fab shoes more because they feel so great.

*I want to actively listen. Sit quietly and take in others stories. There is no gift more loving then to really listen.

*Back to meditating. Listen to yourself, it will make you available to others.

*Stop complaining. It's up to me to not get caught up in pooooooooo.

*Jump. Life is life and it's for living.

*Again, back to listening. This time it's to my gut. It's Always right. Hello, Always.

*I want to live a long time and live well. I put that goal in practice everyday.

*I love raw vegan food. I love raw vegan restaurants. I love raw vegan desserts. This is my favorite way to eat.

*I love water.

*I love Hawaii.

*I love New York.

*I love California.

*I am SO grateful. Grateful and lucky and blessed. Endlessly. Infinitely.

*I am very strong, very beautiful, very healthy, very happy.

***To recap- do yoga, eat well, love well, be with people you love, meditate, move your body, share the love.

Love you forever!

P.S. This was a really good exercise that was inspired by Mystic Medusa. From her site: " Between now and the end of October, as Saturn trundles over the last degrees of Virgo, is a great time to write out in as orderly a fashion as one can manage, all the wisdom and lessons gleaned since late 2007. " Try it if you like and let me know if you do!

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