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started the day with lemon, cayenne and honey in hot water

B: smoothie: collards, coconut water, 2 bananas, blueberries, cucumber, chia seeds, mesquite, and cacao powder

s:more smoothie

L: salad with avocado, celery, asparagus, pumpkin seeds and salsa. turned out like gazpacho.

s: grapefruit and coconut juice

i bought a new pair of new balance running shoes from zappos this weekend, husband approved the purchase. it's like shampoo, people, i need to have running shoes. i am very pleased to say they are vegan and i hope they arrive tomorrow.

s: banana, raw peanut butter, jam and cacao nibs

D: went out to a bbq wings place for husband's birthday with family. i had a salad with squeezed lemon. and a bite of hubby's fried twinkie- pretty gross. not tempting at all.

d: lovely goneraw cacao recipe.  it tasted like the inside of a rich caramel coffee-ish truffle. i molded it into a flower and decorated it with coconut and goji berries. yum!

SIX MONTHS until the marathon!
 i love my life, my family and my food. my husband is supportive of my diet, my exercise, my creativity and my happiness. andy's proud of me and i'm proud of myself. 

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If you could eat anything you wanted, and not have to worry about gaining weight/being unhealthy/inhumane, what would you totally pig out on? 
Submitted by Jay.

i love sweets! so there'd be a long list of chocolate and cake and cookies. i love cereal and ice cream and chocolate mousse. 

monday:dark green tee, jeans, green new balance sneakers with a  pink 'n', cupcake necklace from pancake meow.
tuesday: 2 outfits! morning: proenza shouler for target navy and white long sleeved tissue tee under a tunic from forever 21, blue angel cords and green born platforms. afternoon: marc by marc jacobs cream thermal with orange and pink dots, brown free people tree t, brown plaid pants from h&m and brown born platforms.

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