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Sometimes it’s all about the gloves.

I took this photo in New York March 2010 and it was COLD outside!

Wearing: Marc by Marc Jacobs gloves, Stella McCartney for Gap sweater, Forever 21 skirt & boots with my Stella McCartney for SportSac bag.

So I’m struggling with wearing a very small faux fur collection that I have in my closet. It’s getting quite cold here and that is the main reason I bought that big muppet monster coat (photo below) at H&M almost two years ago in a New York City winter! For me it’s about perception. What I wear reflects who I am and since I’m a fake meat eater that in this case seems to translate to also being a fake leather wearer and a fake fur wearer. But, seriously! I don’t want anyone to ever think I’m strolling around with dead animal skins draped on my body. Vegans, are you wearing faux fur this winter?




We rented this cute little apartment in Chelsea during our last trip to New York. Note the tiny refrigerator in the fireplace.

2010-02-28 15-22-37 - IMG_5180 by waxpancake.
"kitchen" haha
2010-02-28 15-21-25 - IMG_5176 by waxpancake.

2010-02-28 15-21-32 - IMG_5177 by waxpancake.

living space
2010-02-28 15-20-54 - IMG_5172 by waxpancake.
park across the street
2010-02-28 15-56-37 - IMG_5194 by waxpancake.

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Our last few days in New York we walked even further, saw more and looked at apartments for the first time! I tried to keep a running list of all the places we went but I got a little behind. So there's a short list at the bottom of this post which continues the list from last week.

Everyday Eliot and I bundled up in layers to brave the cold. I even got wind burn on my head/scalp for the first time ever. It was so painful to brush my hair for the first three days I cringe as I type this. But we had fun and it was beautiful! I bought a huge fugly faux fur coat from H&M and at one point Eliot was so cold that I wrapped it around him like a shall. So here I am pushing my 5 year old little boy in an umbrella stroller down the sidewalk, his head in a skull cap poking up from a bushy fur coat. Hilarious. People were smiling and we were giggling. It was so ridiculous but I had to keep him warm and we walked So far everyday that I had to use a little stroller. We were a site!

Not quite warm enough come early evening but I looked cute and I just walked even faster to generate heat!
2010-03-05 10-58-47 - IMG_5269 by waxpancake.
Stella McCartney for LeSportSac bag with Yummy Breakfast Treat charms!
Marc by Marc Jacobs fingerless pink and white striped gloves (stupid idea, I needed to wear my actual gloves!)
Stella McCartney for Gap cashmere pullover hoodie (layers underneath, of course!)
Forever 21 greenish poof skirt
Target black tights
Forever 21 boots

2010-03-04 20-41-00 - IMG_5265 by waxpancake

Pretty Empire State Building

2010-03-04 12-50-30 - IMG_5260 by waxpancake.
Don't worry his huge coat was just stacked up on the stroller- we had it with us!

2010-03-04 12-47-41 - IMG_5250 by waxpancake.
We also walked through the butterflies exhibit. It was very warm and tropical inside full of brightly colored bugs!  

2010-03-02 15-55-02 - IMG_5236 by waxpancake

2010-03-02 15-49-49 - IMG_5229 by waxpancake.

Complete joy playing on the Big piano at FAO!

2010-02-28 15-01-19 - IMG_5164 by waxpancake.

A Target Go dress- I can't remember the designer- sorry!

My NorthFace little boys jacket. I love this thing because it is super warm and thin and Not made from animal products of any kind. Love!

Forever 21 boots

2010-03-02 11-37-32 - IMG_5224 by waxpancake.

I've posted this one before. Husband says I look like Alice in Wonderland in this one. ahhhh. 

2010-03-01 18-49-22 - IMG_5220 by waxpancake.

And lastly the infamous coat that I feel like a big muppet when I wear it!

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Pure union square!
Curlys lunch (again)
Cafe Blossom
Nintendo store (again!)
Natural History Museum
Blossom cafe
Toy Tokyo

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Today is day five of walking around this beautiful city with Eliot. I start to feel like every neighborhood is like it's own small town. Chatting with a lovely shop girl yesterday in the lower east side you'd think that you could realistically and happily call the lower east side home! This has not always been the case you see. Families, strollers, older siblings holding little hands, people who open doors, jumping over puddles, Eliot stopping to grab a snowball, restaurants, window shopping, smiling faces as you come in from the cold. I could go on and on. So far we've visited:

Pure Food and Wine
One Lucky Duck
Babycakes NYC
Empire Diner
Chelsea Market
Candle 79
Nintendo World
La Bergamote
Organic Avenue
Kiku Sushi
Caravan of Dreams
& the Kickstarter office!

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Summer time in Manhattan outside Pure Food and Wine Takeaway (or One Lucky Duck as I refer to it the majority of the time). Love this little brown eco-friendly dress I bought at Exhale in Venice with my white boots from ModCloth and a necklace I made. I'm drinking a cacao shake from the duck!

Favorite restaurant by waxpancake.

In this second photo I have my white boots on again with a strapless dress from Target (GO collection with Patrick Robinson from 2007). I wish I had a better pic, oh well. In my hair I'm wearing a Tarina Tarantino headband with little flowers and sparkles. Oh, I should do a post on my TT collection because it is large and pretty!
2009-08-23 17-11-11 - IMG_2889 by waxpancake. 

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One Lucky Duck products are my favorite raw vegan foods to order online and to have in person in NYC. They even have TWO locations in Manhattan now! Pictured here are two cereals and my favorite way to eat them. I make some vanilla raw vegan hemp milk in my blender and pour it over the cacao or cinnamon crispies and pile on bananas, frozen blueberries, and goji berries. Amazingly delicious and good for me!

2009-10-29 11-43-05 - IMG_3398 by waxpancake.

2009-10-29 11-44-53 - IMG_3403 by waxpancake.

I'm expecting my next One Lucky Duck order on my doorstep very soon. This time I'm trying their new chocolate bars (I think I ordered every flavor), two kinds of crackers that I've only had in the restaurant and of course, some cacao crispies! And because I'm on the mailing list I happily took full advantage of some free shipping and free snowflake cookies. Sign up for the treats on the mailing list cause they're changing the specials daily. Happy holidays!

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Our rented apartment in Brooklyn last month, where we stayed for ten days, had some interesting decor. It freaked out Eliot a little!

In the kitchen above the window:

2009-09-12 09-57-09 - IMG_3044 by waxpancake.
Above the fridge:

2009-09-12 09-57-17 - IMG_3045 by waxpancake.
Living room view one:

2009-09-12 09-56-59 - IMG_3043 by waxpancake.View two:

2009-09-12 09-57-29 - IMG_3046 by waxpancake.
Bedroom one

2009-09-12 09-57-40 - IMG_3047 by waxpancake.
Bedroom Two- cute little corner

2009-09-12 09-57-48 - IMG_3048 by waxpancake.

This little two bedroom in the Gowanus/Park Slope area was at the top floor of a four story walk-up. The masks, antlers, religious paintings and sheep heads were very new to my five year old. There was even a handmade upside down zombie head lamp on the kitchen table. When we walked in to the space for the first time after our red-eye from Portland Eliot looked right at it and said, "Look Mommy, a dead guy." I quickly turned this little piece of art around so we didn't have to stare at him while we ate.

Have a beautiful weekend! It's as dark as can be outside here in PDX!

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This place is so cool and I wish I had more pictures! It's called the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company. Their website is awesome too:

When you are ready to make your purchase you must recite the Vow of Heroism:
2009-09-13 11-07-19 - IMG_3051 by waxpancake.
 Yes, you can buy these Invisiblity Detective Goggles:

2009-09-13 11-07-34 - IMG_3052 by waxpancake.
And Secret Identity Kits:

2009-09-13 11-07-46 - IMG_3053 by waxpancake.
An aspiring superhero can purchase some Magnetism:

2009-09-13 11-08-32 - IMG_3056 by waxpancake.
One of the many uniforms:

2009-09-13 11-08-12 - IMG_3055 by waxpancake.

Capes, goggles, gadgets, even cans of immortality! My child asked to go here every single day we were in Brooklyn.

Where your money goes:
There is a secret doorway in the back- you have to move a shelf full of superhero supplies and it opens to a room that looks like a library. On the day we opened this "portal", as Eliot referred to it we saw people reading and writing in this amazing space. Eliot called it "another dimension."  Volunteers run these amazing spaces where kids are tutored and can attend creative workshops. So cool and so fun. The other locations that I'm familiar with are San Fransisco, with a pirate theme, and Los Angeles with thier time traveling theme.

Highly recommend and commend this entire idea. Go check it out!


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Views of the great city of New York from Brooklyn. Enjoy.

2009-09-13 16-38-11 - IMG_3089 by waxpancake.
 Me and my Lovemore shirt ***

2009-09-13 16-32-32 - IMG_3085 by waxpancake.
Statue of Liberty

2009-09-13 16-26-46 - IMG_3075 by waxpancake.
And one more

2009-09-13 16-24-49 - IMG_3062 by waxpancake.

***I adore my tees from Lovemore. Check them out:

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