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We had friends visit and stay with us here in Portland last weekend. And we kept busy!

Saturday morning was spent at the farmer's market and then beer and waffles at Jace Gace. We (the girls) dropped the boys (our husbands and sons) at home for the kids to nap and Amy and I went shopping. We hit NW 23rd, the only good shop is Seaplane, by far. Next we went to southeast for Xtabay, Lived-in-Lover, and Olio United then went back to our neighborhood in northeast for Mable and Zora, Pin-me Apparel and Frock!

We picked up the boys and had drinks at the Bye and Bye on a warm Saturday night. Grabbed pizza at Bella Facia and went home for some dessert wine and Coconut Bliss ice cream with berries. The men went out in a thunderstorm to go catch a ate showing of Indiana Jones.

Sunday we piled into the car to go to Jam on Hawthorne, such a great place for brunch! Spent the afternoon at the children's museum getting our kids over stimulated and tired out! Tom and Eliot had a blast with the shopping exhibit, dinosaurs and all!

Amy and I had a girls night and went to see Babymama, dinner at Nutshell, and dessert brought home from Pix! The guys got takeout from Fire on the Mountain. Crazy bbq.

Monday morning was brunch at La Petite Provence, shopping at Sock Dreams, and home again for napping. Eliot had no interest in resting so Andy and Paul took Eliot to the Avalon arcade for some games. Later on we went to dinner at a tapas restaurant called Navarre off of Burnside. Lastly we topped the night off with a cocktail at Acadia. First us girls went out, then it was the boys' turn.

It all went by so fast. We did a lot but started off each morning a little late which was nice and relaxing. On Monday evening I made chocolate shakes for everyone and they were a big hit. I served them in little wine glasses from Ikea, garnished with cacao nibs and goji berries. Here's the recipe I came up with myself!

3 very ripe and very large bananas
about one cup coconut water, I really like the ONE brand
3 heaping scoops of cacao powder
about 2 cups of ice
one small scoop of mesquite

Healthiest chocolate shake ever!

I just also have to add: Amy is a really lovely person, with blonde and pink hair, a wonderful mum, and she's always up for fun. She wears her emotions on her sleeve, (like me) and she's just great to have around. Makes me miss California all the more. sigh. Smooches Amy!!

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s: 1/2 banana, raw almond butter, and pear raspberry jam infused with lavender

4 mile run!

B: smoothie: 2 cups coconut water, acai, one banana, mango, and chocolate chili hemp protein powder

lovely lucy from ONE-one natural experience. was so kind to me! she sent me coconut water, acai, and some extras that my hubby is trying: cashew juice and coffee berry juice! i hid the coconut water and acai too much this morning in my smoothie by using the hemp protein powder so i'll have a simpler smoothie tomorrow so i can really taste the flavors…

s: 2 kiwis

this morning when eliot woke up he started singing "the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the meat ball." and then he completely cracks up. the next one, "old mcdonald had a farm e-i-e-i-o and on his farm he had a cow in underpants." rolling laughing giggles. he's such a comedian. he's also peeing in the toilet and doing such a good job telling us when he needs to go. i'm so proud. of course, i've been bribing him with little toys hidden in the hall cupboard, but it's working people, so don't judge me! ha!

L: cucumber, red bell pepper, and cilantro salad and an asian salad with purple cabbage, carrots, and green beans over a huge bowl of arugula. cup of summer's chili.

d: raw cake with cherries

10 minutes rebounding

D: i made cauliflower mashed "potatoes" with portobello mushroom gravy- not my thing and i realized i am not into those mushrooms! ugh! i also amde a side salad with arugula so i ate that.

eliot was quietly drawing and i asked, "what are you drawing?" he said, "a beautiful world." so i melted and asked, "what's in your beautiful world?" he replied, "a hospital where i was born, mommy with a baby boy in her tummy and daddy. oh, i forgot to draw some rocks." what more can i tell you? later he told me there was cheese coming out of my bootie. pretty funny, this one.

d:raw vanilla pudding


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