Where do you do your online shopping?

*zappos.com- shoes and handbags and recently added clothing. excellent customer service, i think the best on the    web.

*amazon.com-you know, they're good but they are getting a bit tricky with over priced  shipping.

*fredflare.com-fun, crafty and silly stuff.

*shopbop.com-modern yummy fashion.
*threadless.com-t-shirts! and lots of them!

*cutxpaste.com-also crafty and beautiful stuff. but you have to act quickly, the one of a kind stuff is the best and it goes quickly.

*pixelgirlshop.com-art, crafts, jewelry, paintings. worth checking out.

and i still love to browse urban outfitters and anthropologie on line, but there are better sales generally in your local stores.

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