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I'd heard about Women for Women International a few times while watching Oprah and had felt drawn to the organization. Then last month when Lisa Shannon was a guest on Oprah, again talking about WfWI I decided that that was it, I was going to become a sponsor. That night I got online, signed up for my commitment to send money each month to my new sister (that I asked to be randomly assigned to) and agreed to start writing letters too.

    Shannon lives in Portland and writes, speaks and raises money for women in the Congo through WfWI and as luck would have it the fabulous Food Fight (our local vegan grocery store here in PDX) and their Let Live series had invited her to speak. Not so lucky was my household coming down with swine flu (don't even get me started about the irony and unfairness of my 2 out of 3 veg home having pig flu!) so I didn't get to attend, but Food Fight recorded it and put it up on their site! Worth the time to watch here is the link to last Sunday's talk:

In the video Shannon explains where my $27 monthly donation goes:
*$10 to spend
*$5 to save
*$12 for training on nutrition, family planning, literacy and much more

     What motivated me to be a part of this? I really care about our world and I have the means to share. I feel so blessed and lucky to do so. I spend almost $27 a month on my gym membership and now I will be matching that to give to a person in need, how awesome is that? And there's more! I really believe that for myself working on kindness and connection with the people I see everywhere I go, looking people in the eyes, speaking to people and treating people the way I want to be treated is what changes the world; brings out the best in all. The basics of love. Being love. And spreading love.

Thank you to Women for Women International!


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Oprah's doing a 'where does your food come from' show on Tuesday October 14! Lisa Ling is sent on location to see the farms and farm animals!!  

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Food for thought today: I woke up to a chocolate shake that I loaded up with fruit- cherries, blueberries, and a banana. With goji berries and cacao nibs on top. That stuff gets me buzzy busy in my brain! But, before that I spent four minutes meditating on my purple pillow in front of my self portrait mediation painting I did months ago. Four minutes went by very quickly but I wanted to start simple and achievable. There was much brain chatter to quiet down and I enjoyed breathing deeply in that quiet sacred space. Now, on to food!

From the raw food success blog:

bok choy
green pep

This is a nutrient density list according to Dr.Joel Fuhrman. The above is the list of top foods with kale being the base for the comparison to all other foods. Missing are some of my current favorites like sea vegetables, cacao, goji berries, and bee products- pollen and raw honey. I'm wondering how these stack up.

Fuhrman's book, Eat to Live sent me down my happy vegan path a bit over a year ago. Before that book I thought you were pretty crazy to eat the vegan way. I felt like eating my own words with side of shame by the time I'd finished Eat to Live, Diet for a New America, and Skinny Bitch.

I love food, as I've mentioned many times before, and being vegan has opened up massive creativity and conscious eating. I totally stole that from Kathy Freston and Oprah, but hey, it really resonates with me. How about you?

The next weekend find from: An interview with John Hinds. I'm in a reading mood so I had to make note of this question. Hinds also talks about how he rid himself of arthritis in his hands by eating a vegan diet.

Name a few of the most influential books and resources that you hope other people will read or discover?
This could be long! I love to read☺
• The China Study
• The Way of the Peaceful Warrior (which actually has some great nutrition info in it as well).
• The Pleasure Trap (this book is great! And breaks down a lot more than just nutrition. I think I ear marked almost every page!)
• The Warrior Within (Bruce Lee book, his insights to life and martial arts are amazing!).
• Light on Life, by B,K.S. Iyengar, this is an incredible book that I re-read all the time.
• Laws of the Jungle, by Yossi Ghinsberg. Love this book, he really breaks down how we live and how nature lives.
• The Celestine Prophecy – great enlightening story on how we can live.
• How to Win Friends & Influence People – GREAT BOOK all should read!
• The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari – again great simple ways to live healthier mentally, physically, spiritually.
• Toward the Unknown – a martial arts book that makes one really look at why and how we teach. Very enlightening book!
A great book on teaching how to eat less and more☺ is The Warrior Diet by Ori Hofmekler

Another great question and answer to take note of:
If you were to create a great shake for an athlete what would be in it and when should they drink it? My favorite athlete shake for sure is a spinach smoothie! Mix a cup or so of frozen chopped spinach, half frozen banana, some rice or cashew milk and pea protein and a tablespoon of flax oil. Drink it right after a hard workout and your gonna feel great☺

What would a sample menu for one day be for you?
1. Morning tea – usually mate’ tea
2. Fresh Greens Juiced – w/20g plant protein
3. Snack – Apple and some brazil nuts
4. Maybe a ice coffee before my 1pm workout
5. After workout: Spinach smoothie – 40g pea protein
6. Snack – berries or fresh fruit or greens juiced
7. Dinner – Big salad, veggies, beans, nuts, maybe some avocados and sprouted mung beans on top☺
8. Late snack – raw cashew butter and a apple

Have a beautiful day!



Read and post comments | Send to a friend ~~~ this is just incredible. but, it could go horribly wrong if oprah ends up hating being vegan then she won't be too quiet about that i'm sure. i'll be hoping for a lot of beautiful noise about how amazing, great, lean, energetic, yummy, adventurous, and all that vegan food can be. go oprah go! hopefully she has staff who also believe in a vegan life and will be supporting and encouraging her. hey, i wonder if gail is doing it?

b: e 3 live and water smoothie: 3 bananas, water, cacao, mesquite, frozen cherries and some hemp oil. i had some brown bananas to use up but wow did that sugar hit me fast! usually i balance the sugar with greens but i ran out. live and learn!

l: alfredo "pasta" from last night and a few crackers

s: honey lemonade

s: moroccan sprouted lentil salad from the bikram yoga studio here in portland. they've been selling raw food in their lobby for a few months now but this was my first visit. i'm heading back friday to pick up a bigger order! including chocolate cake and strawberry shortcake!

d: more alfredo and a salad from bikram

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the other day eliot is laughing and i ask, "what's so funny?" he says, "dolphin love, get it, get it??" and last night he does it again with some butterfly joke, laughing away.

3 mile run, weights, lunges, side stepping squats, rebounding, abs, yoga

b: e 3 live and water, smoothie: coconut water, 2 bananas, blueberries, hemp seeds, small handful of goji and cacao nibs. it's like i must grab them when i see them in the fridge.

woke up this morning to the rain after about 4 days of heat. our house was still nearly 80 degrees, inside our house!!

l: thai salad from yesterday

s: raw green indian mango lassi- frozen mango, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and spinach

s: papaya with squeezed lime

d: i made "better than alfredo sauce" from goneraw. wow. i stuffed a bite in my hubby's mouth before he could protest and he couldn't believe it either. the texture and flavor were perfect. it's a combo of macadamia nuts, pine nuts and more. i poured it over zucchini pasta, carrot shavings, peas and red bell pepper. so rich, i'll be having more tomorrow for lunch and dinner!

dessert- a little scoop of raw honey- my favorite.

***big news:  oprah is going to eat a vegan diet for 2 weeks! beauty! *******************************************

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i recently read a book called eat to live by dr. joel fuhrman. it has changed the way i view nutrition and our very american big business lifesyle of consumption. fuhrman encourages veganism, a road which always seemed much too steep for even me, a vegetarian for ten years.

six months after eliot was born i started to eat fish, i was tired and felt i really needed protein. (in hind sight i just needed sleep). not long after, the blood type diet ensnared me with it's confident answers to reverse low energy and increased health and weight loss. i've truly tried to not be so gullible again. but then i started a high protein diet last spring, i lost weight steadily but my lower back hurt. my kidneys were having a hard time filtering all that protein.

fuhrman's arguements are clear, well researched and where there are holes he admits more research needs to be done. how honest and refreshing. he writes about the "protein myth" we've been fed and reassemles our usda assembled food pyramid. you don't have to be vegan or vegetarian to follow his plan. please read this book if you are at all interested in health and nutrition. oprah's latest venture with bob greene will leave you stuck where you are right now. fuhrman's book will hopefully take you out of a dangerous food spell that is the current american diet.

two days ago my friend lent me the book, diet for a new america by john robbins. a stranger next to us asked my friend, "is that your book?" she ofcourse replied, yes. to which the woman said with such passion, "i read that book years ago, i couldn't put it down and i cried as i read every page. i've been a vegetarian ever since." wow, i looked at my friend. i was sort of speechless. i'm a third of the way into the book now and i had no idea what i was getting myself into. it should be required reading.

one of m favorite quotes so far is by robbins himself, "…all the wisdom traditions of the world teach us that a sure way to make yourself miserable is not to express yor love."

i'm sure there will be more.

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