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man, it's hard not to shop.

sock dreams opened this week in portland. sock dreams!! i love socks- stripey, tall, soft, sexy socks.

and i don't know why i just went to, pancake meow, why don't i just give up now??

and all i can think of is i need to make an appointment for the tattoo i want, but i do consider that "shopping" so i guess it'll give me more time to think it over.

this sunday kit pistol from last seasons project runway is doing a trunk show at seaplane in portland. why am i even going???  i can't go! her designs, and the way she dresses herself is so inspired and adorable. trouble.

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If you could eat anything you wanted, and not have to worry about gaining weight/being unhealthy/inhumane, what would you totally pig out on? 
Submitted by Jay.

i love sweets! so there'd be a long list of chocolate and cake and cookies. i love cereal and ice cream and chocolate mousse. 

monday:dark green tee, jeans, green new balance sneakers with a  pink 'n', cupcake necklace from pancake meow.
tuesday: 2 outfits! morning: proenza shouler for target navy and white long sleeved tissue tee under a tunic from forever 21, blue angel cords and green born platforms. afternoon: marc by marc jacobs cream thermal with orange and pink dots, brown free people tree t, brown plaid pants from h&m and brown born platforms.

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