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The first time we tried to go to the Louvre it was a free day and the line wrapped around the pyramid and way out into the square. Insane amounts of people, we almost got pick pocketed by a very clever, charming, dirty and disgusting guy, and then we got out of there fast. So here are some photos from this amazing place. Just please, don't go in the summer time on a free day. Just don't.

7-6-2009 2-58-48 AM_1626 by waxpancake.
Outside, of course.

7-6-2009 3-01-50 AM_1627 by waxpancake.

7-6-2009 3-04-09 AM_1631 by waxpancake.
From the inside

7-6-2009 3-02-56 AM_1630 by waxpancake.
So excited

7-6-2009 3-13-43 AM_1638 by waxpancake.
Eliot was excited too. It is enormous. The stairs and statues go on and on.

7-6-2009 3-46-58 AM_1661 by waxpancake.
View from atop the Louvre at the cafe.

7-6-2009 3-14-39 AM_1639 by waxpancake.Inside.

7-6-2009 3-18-33 AM_1642 by waxpancake.
Explaining some of this to Eliot was tricky.

7-6-2009 3-23-20 AM_1652 by waxpancake.
More Diana.

7-6-2009 3-59-51 AM_1669 by waxpancake.
From the cafe again.

7-6-2009 4-05-32 AM_1676 by waxpancake.
Cafe food.

Dad! This looked so much like my dad! by waxpancake.
In person this looks just like my dad. Amazing!

7-6-2009 4-37-31 AM_1678 by waxpancake.

7-6-2009 4-42-32 AM_1683 by waxpancake.
More ceiling.

7-6-2009 4-44-40 AM_1690 by waxpancake.
Looking up again.

7-6-2009 4-52-30 AM_1697 by waxpancake.
Diana, again!

She is incredible by waxpancake.
Doesn't do her justice.

7-6-2009 5-06-57 AM_1722 by waxpancake.
Our wedding invitation in real life! We had the image of this statue on our wedding invitation ten years ago.

7-6-2009 5-16-19 AM_1728 by waxpancake.
Venus de Milo

7-6-2009 5-20-35 AM_1741 by waxpancake.

Eliot and the Sphinx

Thanks for looking. xoxo


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Elegant Paris along the Champs de Elysees at the very french Laduree7-5-2009 9-41-17 AM_1538 by waxpancake.

7-5-2009 9-39-28 AM_1536 by waxpancake.
A quiet corner

7-5-2009 9-43-39 AM_1540 by waxpancake.
Too much, even for me

7-5-2009 9-43-47 AM_1541 by waxpancake.
Andy's lovely strawberries and cream. Light and perfect.

7-5-2009 10-19-36 AM_1553 by waxpancake.
The Toyota show room

7-5-2009 10-20-12 AM_1556 by waxpancake.
Cute tiny car

7-5-2009 10-43-32 AM_1574 by waxpancake.
Arc de Triomphe

7-5-2009 10-44-38 AM_1579 by waxpancake.
A closer look

7-5-2009 10-44-54 AM_1581 by waxpancake.
Ahhhhh that Paris sky

7-5-2009 10-49-17 AM_1587 by waxpancake.
Just in case you needed help crossing

Paris dust by waxpancake.
Did I post this already? My very dusty shoes, but it's Paris dust, so it's cultured and incredibly chic.

Ard de Triomphe by waxpancake.
Watch out!

7-5-2009 11-12-56 AM_1595 by waxpancake.
Cameras are not allowed inside. Silly Euro Disney rules!

Right now we're back on the east coast, hanging out in Brooklyn, New York for some soul searching fun. Wish us luck and love please!


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Lots of Diana statues by waxpancake.
Sponge Bob in Paris

7-5-2009 7-28-32 AM_1471 by waxpancake.

7-5-2009 7-26-54 AM_1466 by waxpancake.

7-5-2009 7-23-01 AM_1448 by waxpancake.
Loved her

7-5-2009 7-34-55 AM_1479 by waxpancake.
And her name

7-5-2009 7-35-04 AM_1480 by waxpancake.
Rock man sculpture

7-5-2009 7-32-28 AM_1477 by waxpancake.
Parisian Life

7-5-2009 7-36-57 AM_1483 by waxpancake.

7-5-2009 7-42-00 AM_1494 by waxpancake.
This was huge and really cool

7-5-2009 7-54-09 AM_1512 by waxpancake.
I'm not kidding, everywhere you look!

7-5-2009 7-53-27 AM_1509 by waxpancake.
And there's still more!

We're off to New York again tomorrow and I'm bringing the laptop this time!


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So many many photos of Paris.

At the playground

7-5-2009 5-12-47 AM_1375 by waxpancake.
Entering the Louvre

7-5-2009 6-30-33 AM_1412 by waxpancake.

7-5-2009 6-11-29 AM_1400 by waxpancake.
This place gave me the creeps. I couldn't go near it. I started shaking inside.

This place creeped me out, couldn't go near it by waxpancake.
There was a couple just outside of this shot laying in the grass who needed some privacy, but who needs privacy in Paris?

7-5-2009 6-46-38 AM_1426 by waxpancake.
And up close

Louvre by waxpancake.

7-5-2009 6-34-34 AM_1420 by waxpancake.
Louvre again

7-5-2009 6-34-23 AM_1419 by waxpancake.
And again

7-5-2009 6-33-11 AM_1418 by waxpancake.
One of my favorite photos of the trip.

One of my favs by waxpancake.
More Paris and more Louvre to come. xoxo

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At the base of the Eiffel Tower there are go carts. This guy takes a few euros from you and picks the right vehicle out for your child. You get to go around eight times. And every kid that leaves he says 'goodbye champion' in french. Tres adorable.

Go carts at the base of the Eiffel Tower by waxpancake.
So awesome

7-4-2009 11-20-06 AM_1349 by waxpancake.
A little excited!

7-4-2009 11-19-10 AM_1343 by waxpancake

Decided against taking the trip up. The long lines plus the price just didn't seem worth it on this very crowded July day. But that did not stop us from taking photos of all this beauty.

7-7-2009 10-30-04 AM_2093 by waxpancake.
I adored this carousel at the base of the tower but it was shady! Lots of local thieves taking advantage of the heavy tourist spot. Sad but true.

7-7-2009 10-29-24 AM_2087 by waxpancake.
So bright!

7-7-2009 10-27-15 AM_2085 by waxpancake.
Such detail to admire

7-7-2009 10-25-15 AM_2084 by waxpancake.

7-7-2009 10-25-00 AM_2083 by waxpancake.
Can't stop myself!

7-7-2009 10-10-36 AM_2049 by waxpancake.

7-7-2009 10-10-24 AM_2048 by waxpancake.
It is so Big!

7-7-2009 10-07-12 AM_2044 by waxpancake.

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Jean-Francois Millet is a relative of ours and here in Paris I found the largest display of his work I ever dreamed to see.

7-4-2009 8-36-37 AM_1298 by waxpancake.

7-4-2009 8-36-46 AM_1299 by waxpancake.
And his beautiful work:

7-4-2009 8-36-09 AM_1296 by waxpancake.

7-4-2009 8-36-13 AM_1297 by waxpancake.

7-4-2009 8-36-59 AM_1300 by waxpancake.
I had never seen a Millet like this. Very hopeful.

7-4-2009 8-37-07 AM_1301 by waxpancake.

7-4-2009 8-37-20 AM_1303 by waxpancake.

7-4-2009 8-37-28 AM_1304 by waxpancake.

7-4-2009 8-37-36 AM_1305 by waxpancake.

7-4-2009 8-37-55 AM_1307 by waxpancake.

7-4-2009 8-38-20 AM_1308 by waxpancake.

7-4-2009 8-38-42 AM_1310 by waxpancake.

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Walking beside the old train station turned museum:

7-4-2009 7-57-31 AM_1288 by waxpancake.
The gorgeous animals just outside the Musee d'Orsay, the rhino:

7-4-2009 8-01-05 AM_1291 by waxpancake.
And the horse:

Outside of Musee d'Orsay by waxpancake.
This clock is beautiful and enormous:

7-4-2009 8-19-37 AM_1295 by waxpancake.
This looks like a model to me! It's actually a little picture opportunity perch high inside the museum. This is a brilliant use of space.

Musee d'Orsay is an old train station. Brilliant. by waxpancake.

Some famous treasures:
This first one is a favorite of mine and she's huge. A person of average height would probably find themselves eye to eye with the dolphin.

Musee d'Orsay- this is enormous! by waxpancake.

7-4-2009 9-00-17 AM_1322 by waxpancake.

7-4-2009 9-00-53 AM_1323 by waxpancake.

7-4-2009 9-01-39 AM_1325 by waxpancake.
Starry Night

7-4-2009 9-02-15 AM_1326 by waxpancake.


7-4-2009 9-05-18 AM_1332 by waxpancake.
The textures are amazing

7-4-2009 9-08-58 AM_1334 by waxpancake.
Rousseau, there are no words.

7-4-2009 9-07-53 AM_1333 by waxpancake.
I liked this old man on the sea

7-4-2009 9-09-41 AM_1336 by waxpancake.

Musee d'Orsay by waxpancake.
Part two coming soon!

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