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Eliot and I spent some time with this beautiful girl in early October.

2009-10-12 15-40-15 - IMG_3371 by waxpancake.
She grunted and slept and ate a whole squash while we chatted her up.

2009-10-12 15-36-03 - IMG_3370 by waxpancake.

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Tell us about a lesson you had to learn the hard way.

i think i once heard someone say when someone shows you who they are believe them. lesson learned over and over again. details aren't even necessary. and it's an ongoing lesson, because i can't help but hope.

clothing: today i wore my emerge kindness heals orange top. yesterday i wore my new h&m dress. it was only $12.99, andy said, money well spent, he liked it a lot. sunday i wore my urban outfitters please don't eat me tee that has a pig on it. saturday i wore stuff i've worn before.  

side note: i watched 'this american life' on showtime on sunday night, so i don't know when it originally aired, but the crew was on a pig farm. a factory, rather. the sound guy was so horrified by what he saw that at the program end the voice over announced he hadn't had meat since they filmed. the truth is powerful and can be life altering.

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What did you dream about last night?  

the other night i had a dream about a pig.

i've been reading about factory farming and it's made a heartbraking impression on me.

in my dream i was in the middle of a pack of panicked pigs. farmers were all around trying to push them towards their death, the slaughtering floor. the farmers kicked and shouted. i was so sad and so powerless. one pig grabbed onto my forearm and bit down and would not let go. (i'd read that the usual docile kind pig goes crazy in these conditions.) i leaned down and pet his head, between his ears and continued rubbing him down his back very softly. the frightened pig gently released my arm and looked up into my face.  his snout was tearing off, filled with blood. his eyes were full of pain and fear.
i can't forget that face.

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