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Another PDX city guide! yes! yes! yes! Here are my favorites in no particular order! The place, what I love, and the area of Portland to find them.

♥ Herbivore: clothes & books! (SE)

♥ Food Fight!: Food! (SE)

♥ Sweetpea: sandwiches & sweets & coffee & tea & all! (SE)

♥ Portobello: EVERYTHING! I love the gnocchi, burger, arrabiata pizza and everything! (SE)

♥ New Leaf: If you’re around on Wednesday afternoons in Portland you can go to the farmer’s market at People’s and buy beautiful and delicious raw vegan food from the lovely Agnieszka! Hazelnut milk!! (SE)

♥ Portland Juice Press: Need to stock up on juice in your hotel or home? Go here and grab! I think their lemonade has honey, but all ingredients are boldly listed on the front label! (SE)

♥ Canteen: Portland Bowl & green juice! (SE)

♥ Back to Eden: Whoopie pies! (NE)

♥ Pok Pok: vegan papaya salad, coconut sticky rice and their spicy forest mushroom salad! (SE & NE)

♥ Sip: juices and shakes!!!!! (SE)

♥ Mt Tabor park: walk the dormant volcano forest hills or around the reservoirs! (SE)

♥ Homegrown Smoker: Vegan BBQ! (NE)

♥ Blossoming Lotus: Goddess Bowl! (NE)

♥ Slappy Cakes: You can make your own vegan pancakes (because the grill is in the middle of the table!) with loads of sweet or savory toppings or they’ll do it for you!!!  (SE)

♥ Mi Mero Mole: always three vegan taco options! (SE)

♥ Wolf & Bears: Falafel! As a salad or wrap! (SE & NE)

♥ Sweet Hereafter: Bowls! (SE)

♥ Bye & Bye: Everything everything everything! (NE)

♥ Plantfit: Workout with vegan trainers! (SE)






My son outside of the Bye & Bye 2012


The 8 hour diet just wasn’t for me and that’s okay! I have enjoyed coffee and will continue to drink it on occasion- that’s one of the biggest takeaways along with my love for breakfast (I’ve missssssed breakfast!)! I could NOT go until April 30th waiting to eat food everyday at my self induced scheduled time of 11am! And then my Plantfit (crossfit) class was at noon. I was doing and feeling fine for the most part but as the days went on I was simply enjoying the schedule less and less. If life’s not enjoyed you have nothing. Cutting off eating time by 7pm with an 8 year old and a husband with their own schedules and needs added to the challenge.

So there you are 16/8, the 8 hour diet, intermittent fasting – whatever you want to call it is not for me. Weight loss, tightening up (in a good way 😉 ) and all are not worth it. Plus I’ve been on the fence about fasting for awhile. To each their own- I like to do it maybe once a month for 24 hours and I usually do a juice-smoothie-water fast and I feel fantastic.

I’ll always be experimenting and playing with my food, I have yet to write about Ani Phyo’s Fat Blast which was one of my favorites!

Much love, Moving bodies and Mindful eating!



I love to experiment on myself with new workouts, new foods and new ways of eating. I’ve done and do variations of running (marathon and race training as well as just general jogging), yoga, Tracy Anderson Method, Crossfit, boot camps (indoor and outdoor), dance, P90X and more. I’m always vegan so where I play there is with fasting, juicing, smoothies, raw foods and so on. And now for my new month of April challenge! 16/8 or the 8 hour diet! Which means I’ve started drinking coffee! Eep!

So 16/8 is when you fast each day on water, coffee and/or tea for 16 hours out of the day and eat for 8 hours. I’m also liquid fasting for about 24 hours every Monday and Friday of April. My goals are always generally the same- how will my energy for workouts fair and how will my clothes fit. I also weigh in daily to track my progress. I write down everything I eat and the workouts I do. The first week I went to my Crossfit gym, Plantfit 6 days in a row. I’m sure I’m not doing the purest version of 16/8 and I’m pretty sure it’s popular in the paleo community but I’m vegan and do it vegan style! Today is day eight of 16/8, my third fasting day as I started this self-imposed challenge on April 8. I’ll post my findings at the end of the month!

So far, I like Stumptown cold brew coffee. I buy it at Food Fight here in Portland in an adorable little glass bottle and one can last me about two days.





30 minutes on my bike trainer- steady pace

60 minutes at PlantFit- front squats, push ups, sit ups.

I made a recipe from today that knocked me into a happy place. I made a variation on her Pumped Up Protein Pumpkin Cookie Dough. 

Check it.




One hour at PlantFit. Running, kettlebells, double unders and push ups. I also spent some time playing on the rings. I LOVE playing on the rings.

I made some crazy decadent raw vegan cashew-almond milk last night. Here’s the recipe:

3 T cashew butter

1 T almond butter

1 banana

2 dates

4 c water

Blend it up!

Hope your Wednesday rules! XOXOXO



One hour at PlantFit with Ed Bauer. I was the only person who showed up on this day after a holiday workout and so Ed made me work hard! I did box jump burpees, double unders (I have whip marks on my arms-oops!), sled pulling, pushups, rowing and clean & jerks.


One hour at PlantFit. Kettlebells, pull-ups, sit-ups and squats.

The sun is bright and if I can sneak in a run across a bright PDX bridge today I just might go for it!

Post-workout drink: VegaOne in chocolate, spinach, water, frozen bananas and blueberries.


one hour at Plantfit

I ate overnight oats 3 times today. I had made a double serving last night and it ended up being enough for two meals and a snack today. Delicious! Mine had rolled oats, chia, water, vanilla, 2 bananas, cacao and a little Sun Warrior chocolate protein powder. Oh! And I added blueberries to it later. yummmmm. It really is one of my most favorite things.


60 minutes at Plantfit

Best recovery shake ever: cashew butter, VegaOne chocolate, cacao, loads of spinach and a little cinnamon blended with water.


One hour at PlantFit: 800 meter runs, pull ups, pistol squats, handstand push ups.

35 minutes (I think) run-jog-walk across a beautiful bridge in a sunny city.

Recovery drink: VegaOne chocolate, blueberries, banana, spinach, water and cardamom. Later I made and enjoyed a little simple burrito as sort of my small nod to Caballo Blanco. I thought of him on my run in the sunshine. With gratitude and a light, easy and smooth run. My heart goes out to Micah True and all who loved him. If you have no idea what I’m talking about please use the google. xo

So I thought today would be my day to dive into regular blogging but I think instead that the “everyday-ness” of this blog has now morphed into sharing my workouts and maybe a recipe or hopefully an inspiring recipe idea? Every now and then I think I’ll post a poem, a photo heavy outfit post, maybe a product review and maybe a delicious story about Eliot. Everything is always changing… Here we go!