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one hour at PlantFit. Deadlifts, toes to bar, kettelbells and more.

Recovery shake: head of parsley, bananas, blueberries, VegaOne chocolate, cacao, cardamom and water. Parsley is amazing in shakes, don’t be shy if you have a powerful blender your drink won’t be chewy it’ll just be delicious!


Today’s workout was one hour at PlantFit. Little running, lots of box jumps and weight lifting!

After workout meal was so delicious. I sliced strawberries over a green smoothie. yummmmmm

So it’s Spring Break and my posts this week will just be workouts! Let’s cross our fingers for sunshine!!

Today’s workout:

60 minutes at PlantFit with Ed Bauer

Recovery drink: loads and loads of spinach, VegaOne chai flavor, cacao, blueberries, bananas and water. This is a favorite for sure.



30 minutes jumping on a mini trampoline

30 minutes on bike trainer

60 minutes at PlantFit. Back squats- I did 95 pounds, kettlebell swings and running.

I LOVED my post workout drink. This shake/smoothie RULED!!! Here’s the recipe:

1 scoop VegaOne chocolate

Half of an avocado

1 head of cilantro

Frozen pineapple (oh no! I have no idea how much I put in! Less than a cup!)

1 banana

2 T cacao

1 cup water

And blend! I am going through a pineapple phase right now. Delicious!


one hour at PlantFit

recovery drink: water, VegaOne chocolate, SunWarrior chocolate and a few frozen raspberries.


One hour at PlantFit. Today we did Turkish get ups and box jumps. It was a killer.

Recovery shake: cardamom, cacao, VegaOne chocolate, kale, coconut oil, water, frozen bananas, hemp seeds and oats.


one hour at PlantFit. We did kettlebell swings, box jumps-burpees, rowing machine, jump rope, battle rope and more.

Recovery shake: Vitamineral Green powder, VegaOne chocolate powder, blueberries and water.


20 minutes jumping on my mini trampoline

60 minutes at PlantFit

Recovery shake: VegaOne chocolate powder, peppermint oil, hemp seeds, sunflower seed buter, banana, cacao powder, vanilla, spinach and oats. SO filling and good!


30 minutes Have Fun Morning Flow on yogaglo with Kathryn Budig

15 minutes Upward Facing Bow Pose Tutorial also on yogaglo with Kathryn Budig

12 minutes on bike trainer

60 minutes at PlantFit. We did kettlebell swings, push press, box jumps and more!


One hour at PlantFit. Handstands, box jumps, wall balls, rowing, kettlebell swings and more!