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Reminds me of a foggy beach

         you made your voice sweet today

the clouds of a dream

        Heaven as seen in old movies

you move and try to teach me

        a horror movie shower

I’d like to run with you again

        the break over a lake at the end of a dock

And return different

       where you could only fall fall fall

Rain races the rabbit

         it’s a thick mist and your pillow never gets wet

Grey soft hat matches new grey eyes

        tattooed prose swirls her body

Sun brushes yellow on pushed sand

       I think I love you messy bluebird

I think I may love you



Time to be cloud dip

she wears nothing heavy anymore

illicit hands

what what what

She needs your help

Your cheers

Your heart in a glass on the rocks

sea spray

a baseball cap

a shining wide grin

could he let her read it all

the darkness is absurd

She keeps looking without lights on

ridiculous intuition to guide her


dry your clothes in the sun

they’ll fade a little

but what will it matter

when you smell like summertime


He circled

her heart danced

Dizzy beach drive

after donuts

under blue stars

and quizzes about Harry

Fire works magic on


and scared hearts

Hungry tigers were welcomed

under street lights

Traveling by

meditative trains and

musical cars

Ushered into

tranquil pools

making photographs

snow swirls into ice

And love grows grows grows

under different sized

“X”s and “O”s

Carried under pink skies

affection trusts in play

zooms through your veins

She feels the words

in your eyes

landing in forever

Hello sweetest summer

to begin



Tiny sweet human

finished her work

dragged by mosquitoes

into hot sunlight

hit play

hit pink

hit stop

curved arms

curbed choices

make loops

deranged cuts to clothes

be mine

ladder to the smallest yes

Night Poem

In and out of bars

hating light on the walls

rather be hiding in the dark

than numb on the pillows

lilacs and jasmine are stronger at night

gently stomp in boots down the sidewalks

with music in my ears



You play catch in the dark

your shell has secrets you might talk about if

you’re locked out

stuck somewhere high


walking near water

vivid sight

I feel the actual stars

some rush past

some softly combine with my skin

some leave me bereft

I write to the sky and for the sky


Dead friend

I still have your last text

I hate being around most people

your self portraits with their varying degrees of self loathing


your need for longing

your chosen way out


like a virus through my body

into a darkened heart

I see you drive by

I see you in photos

I forget that you’re dead for a moment

climbing through dreams

emotional tremors

counting each strong arm

that hugged you when you were here

that read your words after you died

burn your art

give away that black hair