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Another PDX city guide! yes! yes! yes! Here are my favorites in no particular order! The place, what I love, and the area of Portland to find them.

♥ Herbivore: clothes & books! (SE)

♥ Food Fight!: Food! (SE)

♥ Sweetpea: sandwiches & sweets & coffee & tea & all! (SE)

♥ Portobello: EVERYTHING! I love the gnocchi, burger, arrabiata pizza and everything! (SE)

♥ New Leaf: If you’re around on Wednesday afternoons in Portland you can go to the farmer’s market at People’s and buy beautiful and delicious raw vegan food from the lovely Agnieszka! Hazelnut milk!! (SE)

♥ Portland Juice Press: Need to stock up on juice in your hotel or home? Go here and grab! I think their lemonade has honey, but all ingredients are boldly listed on the front label! (SE)

♥ Canteen: Portland Bowl & green juice! (SE)

♥ Back to Eden: Whoopie pies! (NE)

♥ Pok Pok: vegan papaya salad, coconut sticky rice and their spicy forest mushroom salad! (SE & NE)

♥ Sip: juices and shakes!!!!! (SE)

♥ Mt Tabor park: walk the dormant volcano forest hills or around the reservoirs! (SE)

♥ Homegrown Smoker: Vegan BBQ! (NE)

♥ Blossoming Lotus: Goddess Bowl! (NE)

♥ Slappy Cakes: You can make your own vegan pancakes (because the grill is in the middle of the table!) with loads of sweet or savory toppings or they’ll do it for you!!!  (SE)

♥ Mi Mero Mole: always three vegan taco options! (SE)

♥ Wolf & Bears: Falafel! As a salad or wrap! (SE & NE)

♥ Sweet Hereafter: Bowls! (SE)

♥ Bye & Bye: Everything everything everything! (NE)

♥ Plantfit: Workout with vegan trainers! (SE)






My son outside of the Bye & Bye 2012


At Portobello Vegan Trattoria in Portland there is a beautiful mural by local artist, Jill Bliss. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet her a few times and even go to her house for a clothing trunk show last year. In December husband and I celebrated 20 years of knowing each other with dinner at Portobello and also in December I bought a handmade paper necklace from Jill at Crafty Wonderland. I feel pretty lucky to know her, to support her and live in such a cool city. XOXO

Here I am wearing my new paper foliage with a Rodarte for Target faux shearling shrug and a Free People sparkling dress:

Here are two pictures from Portobello the night of our anniversary dinner with a teensy peak of Jill’s work:

If you haven’t been to Portobello you are missing out. Beautiful inside, lovely service and wonderful food. XOXO

Two days before our (bigger) family Thanksgiving the three of us went out to vegan trattoria, Portobello here in Portland for an early feast aka little family Thanksgiving. It did not disappoint. yummmmmm

2009-11-24 19-48-30 - IMG_3703 by waxpancake.
salad with beets

2009-11-24 20-00-12 - IMG_3705 by waxpancake.
squash soup with sage

2009-11-24 20-19-01 - IMG_3707 by waxpancake.

field roast, cranberries, sweet potatoes, broccolini, mashed potatoes & collards and please excuse my camera strap!


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A little PDX love this weekend spending some money at some local favorites. This weekend I…

*bought a custom hula hoop from a local hoop teacher/performer

*ate at Por Que No

*ate at Blossoming Lotus

*bought a dress at the

*ate at the new vegan Italian restaurant called Portobello

*bought a few greeting cards at Poppy and Ivy's birthday party

*attending our local music school's open house

*ate at Miss Delta

*visited VooDoo Doughnut for the first time. A Portland institution.

Local businesses are dropping around here so if you can please visit some of your favorite places in your town and spend a few dollars if you can. It can make a difference! And the shop owners will appreciate it! xoxo

Sorry, Vox was being pesky and wasn't letting me link everything!

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