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What is your favorite term of endearment? 
Submitted by lostdwarf.

andy often says "hey doll" to me and i like that one. i call andy and eliot "love" most of the time.

friday: yellow puff sleeve tee from h&m, joe jeans, born heels
saturday: betsey johnson red and white polka-dot bikini
sunday:puella mini dress with green tree pater, h&m white bloomers
monday:green owl tee, long brown gaucho sweats
tuesday:green hoodie sweatshirt and stripey pants from victoria's secret

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warning: boring clothing post

today:joe jeans, baby blue tank and puella thermal with a leaves pattern.
yesterday:susana monaco deep purple mini dress, stripey socks and black knee high boots
tuesday:i went for a run with eliot. i wore my stella mccartney runner's top and sweats.
monday:ughhhh, i can't remember!

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