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I must tell the world (again) about One Lucky Duck and Pure Food and Wine.
2010-03-05 17-26-10 - IMG_5274 by waxpancake.
Eliot and I visited either Pure, the Duck takeaway or the Chelsea location every day and sometimes twice this last week while we were in New York. Every time we were there (any of the 3!) we were greeted with smiles and kind conversation. I appreciate this so much I can't even tell you! Husband worked loads this week and E and I were on our own a lot. So to be able to come in from the cold to sweet faces, delicious food and warm spaces was so awesome. Love to all who made our time special.

Dreaming of mallomars & cacao lattes until next time!

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Summer time in Manhattan outside Pure Food and Wine Takeaway (or One Lucky Duck as I refer to it the majority of the time). Love this little brown eco-friendly dress I bought at Exhale in Venice with my white boots from ModCloth and a necklace I made. I'm drinking a cacao shake from the duck!

Favorite restaurant by waxpancake.

In this second photo I have my white boots on again with a strapless dress from Target (GO collection with Patrick Robinson from 2007). I wish I had a better pic, oh well. In my hair I'm wearing a Tarina Tarantino headband with little flowers and sparkles. Oh, I should do a post on my TT collection because it is large and pretty!
2009-08-23 17-11-11 - IMG_2889 by waxpancake. 

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One of my favorite places ever. The food- raw vegan, the atmosphere- romantic New York. Love.

Our drinks:

Green juice + beer = Ami & Andy by waxpancake

Our dinner:

Pure Food & Wine by waxpancake

6-19-2009 4-33-47 PM_0069 by waxpancake

6-19-2009 4-33-39 PM_0068 by waxpancake

Our desserts:

Trio of raw vegan ice creams

Pure Food & Wine raw vegan desserts by waxpancake.
And a sundae

6-19-2009 4-59-23 PM_0071 by waxpancake.
The menu:

6-19-2009 4-30-43 PM_0066 by waxpancake

Until we meet again… xoxo

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