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What are you most looking forward to in August?

So much! We've got a lot planned for August.

*day trip to Seattle- i'll call you about it miss lav!
*friends coming for a sleepover- smooch to lav again!
*trip to Kauai
*Roz Savage will arrive in Hawaii!!!
*San Francisco trip and then a road trip through California all the way to Disneyland! Celebrating our anniversary and eliot's awesome potty training!
*our 9th wedding anniversary
*lots of family birthdays! mother-in-law, nephews, sister-in-law, father-in-law, and some baby friends! smooch to viv and liv!
*zine symposium
*andy's speaking at ROTFL conference, seriously
*more yoga
*progression of marathon training
*pineapple express in theaters- looks really funny
*tom robbins book, B is for Beer was supposed to arrive this month but i think it was pushed to february- boo hoo
*andy's meeting one of the writers of Comic Book Tattoo next week, that is just cool

I'm so excited and so grateful for all of these things and people and experiences!

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Where do you go for advice?

I think most times I like to  bounce things around in my own head during meditation, giving myself reiki, doing yoga, while running, and I try to pay attention to dreams. It's a gentle bounce where I ask questions, yield to whatever it is I may be feeling, honor it, move on and then revisit later as needed. It's a calm approach, I think. But when I need to moan, well you know who you are and I'm sorry I know at times you get an earful. And I think that can be therapeutic as well.  

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What products can't you live without?
Submitted by galindafied.

*coconut oil, for my body and making food. 
*free and clear shampoo, conditioner and hair gel. great clean products i got from
*my birthday cake lip balm, not so natural but i'm very in love with it and have been for at least a couple of years

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What is the worst date you've ever been on?

a boy took me to his low-rider club meeting. it was horrible. they all talked about cars and actually wrote down the minutes and what was discussed and who attended into a notebook.  i knew there would be no second date, ever.

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What inspires you to blog?

passion for life and stories and sharing with my son.

inspiring blogs: – my brother's really amazing, lovely music and drawings for all to see and have! he rocks and he's super talented. go see it now.  it will make your monday happy. – one of my fav raw sites – one of my fav go to sites – sister-in-law's sweet design site 

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What's the best thing about today?

last night i went to see david wolfe speak and tonight i'm going to a second lecture and they're serving us raw food yummies! that is great.

waking up this morning to eliot calling for me and wanting to talk and giggle was great.

eating a big smoothie, going to jace gace, seeing the gibson fam, then to the park and next a toy store was great.

now i want a great nap before going to see the energetic david again!

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How many push-ups can you do?,67984

oh my i love waking up to this! this has been a god month for vegetarians when an athlete like this comes out declaring his change of mind or heart, whichever it was.

and the huge beef recall in california, pay attention people, please please please. it's the meat industry that wants and needs you to believe that you need meat in your diet to be healthy. simply not true.

oh, and my new favorite superhero is tonya kay:

she's a raw vegan!

and as far as the push-ups go, i can do over 100. and i'm vegan, newly almost raw vegan.

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Have you ever had a premonition about something that came true? 
Submitted by Sheri.

yes. dreams mostly.

i dreamed of andy before we met
i dreamed of eliot before i knew i was pregnant
i dreamed of my aunt after she died and she told me something i later found out was true
i dreamed of houses that i saw later
i dreamed of people and places and too many situations to name here

i feel lucky that this happens sometimes. i wonder why, but mostly i just appreciate when it happens. and i try to pay close attention when i'm awake and while i'm asleep to things that are strange or tug at my heart.

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How do you stay organized? 
Submitted by devillibrarian

new rule in the new house: pick up and clean as i go along. as soon as i see something messy or dirty, i clean it up. now, this is challenging with a 3 year old, but i do my best and it's working out pretty well. plus, i really like things put away. we moved in to this house 2 1/2 weeks ago and almost everything is done.

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What are 10 things you've done that other people probably haven't? 
Submitted by Janette.   

1. i married my teenage-hood sweetheart
2. i ran through a graveyard naked
3. i was a clown children actually liked
4. i had 24 hours of natural childbirth and gave birth to Eliot!
5. i'm vegan
6. i danced with Ben Lee on stage
7. i've met tori amos
8. i love boot camp style exercise and getting up early to do it
9. i know what it feels like to fall in love at first site
10.  i've been interviewed  as an expert in the massage and day spa industry
11. i trained a world famous athlete   

this list is hard, i want to do more cool stuff!

am i forgetting more exciting things i've done? anyone?

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