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Have you ever had a premonition about something that came true? 
Submitted by Sheri.

yes. dreams mostly.

i dreamed of andy before we met
i dreamed of eliot before i knew i was pregnant
i dreamed of my aunt after she died and she told me something i later found out was true
i dreamed of houses that i saw later
i dreamed of people and places and too many situations to name here

i feel lucky that this happens sometimes. i wonder why, but mostly i just appreciate when it happens. and i try to pay close attention when i'm awake and while i'm asleep to things that are strange or tug at my heart.

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How do you stay organized? 
Submitted by devillibrarian

new rule in the new house: pick up and clean as i go along. as soon as i see something messy or dirty, i clean it up. now, this is challenging with a 3 year old, but i do my best and it's working out pretty well. plus, i really like things put away. we moved in to this house 2 1/2 weeks ago and almost everything is done.

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What are 10 things you've done that other people probably haven't? 
Submitted by Janette.   

1. i married my teenage-hood sweetheart
2. i ran through a graveyard naked
3. i was a clown children actually liked
4. i had 24 hours of natural childbirth and gave birth to Eliot!
5. i'm vegan
6. i danced with Ben Lee on stage
7. i've met tori amos
8. i love boot camp style exercise and getting up early to do it
9. i know what it feels like to fall in love at first site
10.  i've been interviewed  as an expert in the massage and day spa industry
11. i trained a world famous athlete   

this list is hard, i want to do more cool stuff!

am i forgetting more exciting things i've done? anyone?

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Which one of your ancestors would you most like to talk to? 
Submitted by Kathy.

well, after spending a wee bit of time at my grandma amelia's last night, (the first time in my entire life without her there) i 'd cherish the opportunity to ask her about her treasures. her gloves, her wedding dress, the napkin from her wedding which gently wrapped three small memories from that day. i'd ask her about the peculiar box i found in the basement that has the oddest visual etchings i've ever seen. the loads of skeleton keys, the furniture, the glasses, everything has a story. so if i could be selfish and have a day with her to myself we'd go through her stuff and i'd learn so much, i'm sure.

yesterday was my grandpa golden's funeral. my grandpa had a stroke and passed away as my grandma watched. after 62 1/2 years of marriage she said she watched the sparkle leave his eyes. his soul left this earth quickly and quietly as he sat in his favorite chair a week ago today. towards the end of the service while the priest was speaking i looked up to see my grandma embracing her husband's casket with her hands, with her head, with her heart. she was the only one standing. slowly she was joined by some of her 12 remaining children. it was so beautiful and so sad. we walked into the reception and she looked me straight in my eyes and said quietly, "i'm just going to miss him so much, i'm going to miss him so much." i hugged her tight and my mom came up and grandma said, "i wanted to hug him one more time."

my grandma golden's sister, my great aunt mary is 96 1/2, in a wheelchair, with a breathing tube, and she shakes while she talks. when i was growing up when you asked aunt mary how she was doing she'd always reply, "whoever i can and the good ones twice." Ha! who can get away with saying that? and she always has made everyone feel so beautiful and heard. she'd hold my cheeks in her soft old lady hands and she'd say, "you're so beautiful. you're so gorgeous." with such conviction that you'd be forced to believe it was true. what a gift she is. she looked around the reception yesterday and repeated, "you're all so vibrant, you're all so young." i squeezed her tight and told her she was beautiful when i first saw her at the church and i hope she believed me, i was hoping she heard me.

it was a tough day. i'm still reeling from it all. my grandfather was laid to rest at the same cemetery as my grandma amelia was back at the end of september. if you had told me i'd be back there so soon i'd have answered a defiant, no way. but there i was in the same black velvet coat, black boots, and tears forced to say goodbye by death.


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How far from your last home do you live? Why did you move and are you glad you did? 
Submitted by Matthew 25.

i had a feeling that the qotd would draw me in today. how far from my last home? over 300 miles. in the last almost 13 years i've bounced from tacoma, washington to ventura, california to puyallup, washington to berkeley, california to santa monica, california to palo alto, california and this time next week we'll be packed up for our move to portland, oregon.

over the holidays people kept asking am i excited and what am i looking forward to and so on. well, aside from not wanting to leave california, i feel like crying whenever i think about it, i'm trying.

i have moments that i'm excited, open for the new experience, new restaurants, neighborhood, being close to family. but i hate ignoring my gut. my gut intuition tells me constantly that we shouldn't go to oregon. what am i to do? the movers are coming, we committed to a nice house in a nice neighborhood. maybe it's all this bouncing around that has me wondering where home is for us? what it means to us? eliot will need to stay in one place soon and this bouncing will have to stop. i think that may be my problem, i'm ready for it to stop but i don't think portland is it, no offense, portland you're really really lovely in a lot of ways. so we'll go through this move and have a new adventure and i'm very much open to changing my mind (and gut) about it. but where will we end up for the long haul? time will tell because i sure can't answer that query now.

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Which are your favorite sites for shopping online?

here are a few of my favorite sites: ~ such a cute site, honest customer service, lots of love for pancake meow ~i've spent loads of time and money on zappos, their brand list just seem to get longer and more impressive. linda loudermilk? are you kidding me? zappos is perfection from shopping to ordering, to returning (if you must). ~ fun silly designs and stuff stuff stuff, probably don't need most of it but fun to browse through. ~i've had my eye on her site for so long and i've yet to buy something. her stuff is adorable. ~v-neck t-shirts, dresses, pencil skirts, hoodies, socks and an organic line!  good customer service. i love the reviews too. ~ i've spent too much money here too. good gifts and great service. ~ fun to browse even if you're not vegan. much education to be had and plenty of yummy things to buy! ~ love to look here, never bought any thing though. next month we'll be close to this boutique so i'm looking forward to checking it out in person. ~ oooo patricia, you crazy girl, a blast to browse and i hope to go to her nyc shop next week! i've bought one thing on line last summer and all was smooth. ~ love this online shop! great customer service! great clothes and prices. highly recommended.

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What is the best present you have ever given?
Submitted by quornflour.

i think one of the most meaningful gifts i ever gave was about six years ago to andy's grandma. i had a big idea and i drove all over santa monica and venice trying to put it together. there were three necessary items: a red boa, black shiny tap shoes, and a red glittery beret. it was for her birthday. the red boa, no problem, tap shoes~ found them in a dance store in venice, but that red sequined beret was no where to be found. so i bought a black one, a red velvet ribbon, some rhinestones, and glue. the velvet ribbon was for the edge of the hat but it needed one more thing for this lady, a little angel charm. when she put it on she glowed, she danced, she did her signature leg in the air with her foot over her head! she was a gift and her spirit is endlessly generous still.
 happy birthday, merry christmas, and happy day to you peggy. we miss you and thank you for your gifts every day.

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