yesterday eliot and i went to a take out only restuarant called que seraw seraw. it is all raw vegan food and the owner was behind the counter preparing all of the wonderous food with a sweet assistant. e and i shared an almond banana milk. he loved it so much that he wouldn't let me hold it. the majority of it ended up on the sidewalk outside. eliiot said,"i'm sorry i spilled it mommy." so cute.

i also picked up lasagna, rawkin cheese dip, kale salad, nori sushi rolls, pizza, chocolate cheese cake and coconut cheese cake. so far everything has been so amazing. this is truly my favorite kind of food. my plan is to go by once a  week and pick up a couple days worth of lunches and dinners. i am over the moon excited. knowing that the food i eat is so alive and nourishing makes me feel great and the small portions are unbelievably filling.

by the way, eliot is yummy and loving and amazing. we looked at some of his baby pictures yesterday and seeing himself as this tiny squishy baby and andy and i cuddling him in almost every picture, compelled eliot to through his little arms around my neck and proclaim, "i love you mommy!"  that was quite a moment for me. my little tiny baby now with his sweet big heart able to express how he feels.

outfit for today: ojai yoga peace tank, true religion torn jeans and pink converse.

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