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*E3 Live

*Green smoothie- spinach, bananas, cherries, yacon syrup, msm, maca. bee pollen, a little coconut meat, lucuma, chia seeds, spirulina, cacao and nibs with water. I am now superhuman.

*More of the same and then snacked on my raw vegan strawberry macaroons.

***Walked up to Alberta and back- about one mile each way while pushing Eliot in the Bugaboo.

***Boot camp class at the gym and 5 minutes of sauna.

*Pure Cherry Cashew Bar

*Dinner- same as last night with an added cucumber on the salad and some additional green beans on the kelp noodles. Delish! Dessert- raw vanilla and cacao ice cream!

Day 18 of ACT! On most days I've been eating a high raw diet, body brushing, sweating through working out and/or the sauna, drinking green juice and green smoothies, journaling, meditating, yoga and avoiding gluten!

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*E3 Live

*Green smoothie- bananas, blueberries, spinach, cacao, nibs, carob, msm, tocos, lucuma, two dates, chia seeds, and water.

On Kris Carr's sight today:
Q:"Of diet, meditation, spiritual practice, and exercise, which is the most important for healing?"
A:"It's the one you're not doing"

***31 minute treadmill- sprints/ inclines/ intervals.

*The rest of my green smoothie.

*Salad: mango, mache rosettes greens, Quite Cheesy Kale chip crumbs and squeezed lemon. This was so yummy.

*A little raw vegan chocolate ice cream for a snack.

*Dinner- kelp noodles with squeezed lemon, rawmesan, broccoli, tumeric and cayenne. With a big mache rosette side salad with a little Living Tree Community raw pesto and goji berries on top. Really fresh and lovely combination. Few bites of vanilla raw vegan ice cream and strawberry kombucha for dessert. Hey, can you make a raw vegan strawberry float with these ingrdients? hmmm… I just had one after the other. Something to try another day.

I also made Ani Phyo's raw vegan strawberry macaroons on Monday evening and they've been in the fridge and I've been occasionally grabbing one to snack on. They are made from strawberries, honey, agave, vanilla and dates. Really sweet and yummy. 

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*E3 Live

***A few yoga stretches

*Green smoothie- one head of kale, cacao, carob, lucuma, cherries, bananas, dates, chia, msm, maca, and water.

*More green smoothie later on snacked on a banana and a package of Bare Naked pears. Waited too long and didn't have any more water to drink and got a stomach ache! blech!

Eliot and I spent an hour at a new friends house today. Her name is Ann and she has a daughter named Eva who is four. Ann has a company called Circle that consists of her alone and her delightful clothing designs. Pants, skirts, bloomers and the most magnificent sweater coats that she makes from vintage pieces. Oh my they are beautiful with amazing buttons she gets fro around the world. The green ones I have my eye on are from Italy. My friend Julie has one of her coats in a wine hue and the buttons on hers are from France! So perfect! I was overwhelmed in the face of her sweater wall and had to let her know I'll call her soon. So much beauty.

*Rushed in the door and toasted up two slices of Food for Life bread- one with an open face pb&j and the other an open face Sunshine bbq veggie burger with spinach and mustard. Feeling better.

***Ran to the gym in the muggy evening to have Eben kick my butt. And then ran into Robert Cheeke. And ran home in the wind.

*Smoothie time- vega vanilla chai with carob, frozen mango and banana.

*Broccoli and peas dinner with a dressing of squeezed lemon, pink salt, tumeric, and nutritional yeast.

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***Loved my workout this morning: ten minutes jump rope, ab work, 2 minutes jump rope, abs, 2 minutes jump rope, abs, 10 minutes jump rope- that set fr 3x. ABC's with a five pound weight (squatting- standing making huge waves with your arms to write giant ABC's in the air), 20 push-ups, 10 leg lifts on each leg, 2 minutes 6.0mph on 15% incline on the treadmill, repeated that set 3x. Sweaty and tired after!

*Green smoothie- 16 ounces: 2 bananas, frozen blueberries, frozen Acai smoothie packet, spinach, kale, chia seeds, msm, carob, tocos, water, and a little sprinkle of goji berries and cacao nibs on top.


*The remaining 16 ounces of my green smoothie, a few edamame that I made for Eliot and a Coracao chocolate.

*Memorial Day dinner spent with friends outside! Lucky us with sunshine and good company I ate grape tomatoes, zucchini, guacomole, eggplant, chips, salsa and potatoes. Yum! At home I ate a few more edamame and a ripe mango that was calling to me All Day!

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*One banana and a piece of Coracao raw chocolate.
***5 minute warm up on the eliptical and a great yoga class at the gym. 5 minutes in the sauna too!
*Huge papaya with lime squeezed over it.
*16 ounces green juice from Sip.
*Summer's party- gluten free pasta with broccoli, zucchini, spinach and tomatoes. Strawberry pie for dessert. Oh my this was so perfect. Andy described it like a jelly donut turned inside out. haha.
*Dinner: Really into these Sunshine burgers so I had the same one as last night with a salad that had asparagus, strawberries, spinach, sunflower sprouts, balsamic vinegar, and squeezed lime on top. Perfect early almost summer salad! Dessert- raw vegan hazelnut ice cream.

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***Meditation and yoga.
*Green smoothie- kale, cherries, bananas, goji berries, maca, tocos, lucuma, dates, carob, cacao, nibs, water, msm and chia seeds. Goji berries are better left to soak in the smoothie them blending them I think…same with cacao nibs.
***Walk up to Alberta and spent some $ at Bolt, my favorite fabric store.
*Tin Shed restaurant- had one of piece of toast, a sad little serving of roasted veggies, and 1/4 of an avocado, fast walked one mile home and drove to….
***Boot camp class at the gym, 5 minutes of rowing before class and 5 minutes of sauna afterwards.
*16 more ounces of this mornings green smoothie.
*One cup vegan chili with some dark chocolate chips and sunflower sprouts on top and a vegan gluten free organic Sunshine burger on the side with the gluten free bread, spinach, mustard and a gorgeuos slice of a dark red heirloom tomato. Fullness!
*Dessert! Another raw vegan banana split with strawberries too!

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***Meditation and yoga with Eliot this morning. He says he thought about, "Coloring a huge elephant with gray and then it came to life." We did yoga poses together, he especially likes tree, downward dog, cobra, and happy baby. Lots of deep breaths and giggles. He likes to lunge at me from the side while I'm in downward dog. Dangerous. I always add in his yoga poses he's made up too. He jumps up and down in warrior one which is pretty cool.

*One juicy mango

*Green smoothie: 32 ounces- two bunches of what look like weeds, bok choy, carob, cacao, nibs, lucuma, msm, mango, chia seeds, goji berries, water and bananas. Rich and creamy. This lasted for hours!

*Snack- one small yellow heirloom tomato and a few pesto kale chips. And a Coracao chocolate for dessert!

*Green juice from Sip

***70 minutes workout- 10 minutes jump rope, 3 sets of 3 different ab work on the ball (from session with Eben), inbetween each set one miute jump rope. Treadmill was next 15% incline at 3.6 with interval runs up to 6 for 34 minutes, Running a little for cool down and dancing/stretching/kicks wrap up!

*Half a Vega bar for post workout snack.

*Cup of vegan chili with a few dark chocolate chips and sunflower sprouts on top and five big stalks of celery chopped up for dipping. Dessert was a raw vegan banana split made with hazelnut, chocolate, and vanilla raw ice creams and vanilla agave nectar syrup topping. 

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*Green smoothie- unsure of the greens I bought and their taste, instead of trying them first I made it really sweet with yacon syrup, two dates, lucuma, tocos, mango, vanilla creme stevia, one banana and two large bunches of greens!
*Green juice from Sip
*Snacked on a few kale chips and vegan gluten-free brownie.
***Boot camp class at the gym
*The rest of my green smoothie from this morning and a little more brownie.
*Dinner- huge salad! Bok choy, asparagus, radishes, kale chip crumbs, little pesto, squeezed lemon, cucumbers, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes. With one piece of plain Food for Life bread and a second for dessert with cinnamon and raisin peanut butter and blueberry lavendar jam. yummmmmmmmm. The slices of bread are so tiny it's so fun to eat!

Kris Carr's affirmation of the day for the ACT group: I am ripe with power, love and passion and hot energy. I direct that energy with authority. There is nothing I can't do.

Love this. I am visualizing strongly our life in the next few months. I know exactly what I want and we are having it all! So I say: I am strong, I am worthy, I am making it happen, I am loved, I am healthy.

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***Meditation and Yoga

*Green smoothie- eight collard leaves, two dates, two bananas, frozen blueberries, carob, cacao, nibs, goji berries, tocos, msm, maca, lucuma and chia seeds blended with water. This lasted me almost all day!

*Snacked on half of a vegan raspberry jam thumbprint cookie from Whole Foods on the way home. Clearly getting hungry after our little walk to the store!

***20 minutes jump rope in the sunshine while Eliot drew pictures with sidewalk chalk. He drew himself, me and pink wishing bubbles. Then he connected all the wishing bubbles because he said that meant we were hugging eachother. Next was a square with Mario characters and more…

*Organic peach and an amazing mango for a snack after jumping! Mangos are just amazing when they are squirty and juicy.

*Dinner: So excited! I just tried Food For Life bread that is wheat and gluten free and fruit sweetened and it was fantastic! Very surprising! I ate a lemon quinoa salad from the Whole Foods deli (no oils added, just salt and pepper and spices for flavor), steamed broccolini with one squeezed lemon, black pepper and nutritional yeast on top and one piece of FFL bread with half of a tiny avocado on top. Dessert was a few bites of raw brownie leftover from the Yummy Tummy. So glad I tried the bread!

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*Green smoothie- spinach, coconut milk (not raw), strawberries, a banana and msm.
*Lunch- Yummy Tummy's raw Thai salad (made with cabbage, carrots and nut dressing, I think) with my own farmer's market asparagus.
*Snack- banana, goji berries, and a piece of raw chocolate.
***Workout with Eben- shaking sore after!
*Put the last 20 ounces of green smoothie from this morning into the blender and added more spinach, more strawberries and spirulina.

Goji berries & Spirulina:

4-30-2009 12-43-02 PM_0237 by waxpancake

4-30-2009 12-42-49 PM_0236 by waxpancake

*Dinner: Yummy Tummy's "pasta" with kale. Which is zucchini, tomatoes, and spices. I dumped nutritional yeast on it too! Dessert was a Coracao mini chocolate.

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