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My awesome sis in law bought Raw Food Real World for me for my birthday and this book is amazing! Twice this week I made the samosa filling and mango chutney. The first time (pictured below) I scooped the samosa filling in to romaine leaves and then added the chunky and very spicy chutney (so spicy in fact I chopped in half a banana) to the top like my own little indian tacos. Crazy! The second time I made these two dishes I let the chutney run in the blender longer to make it less like a salsa and well, more like a true chutney/dressing. I tore up a bunch of romaine and made a big indian salad, sorry no photo. I'm over the moon with these two recipes. So tasty! 

2-24-2009 9-26-49 AM_0015 by waxpancake.

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Today is my raw food class with one of my favorites, Elaina Love! I'm so happy and excited that she's here in Portland that I'm simply not going to even think about the ridiculous snow outside right now.

In the last week I've made some great raw vegan food from my current fav uncook books: Raw Food Real World and Ani Phyo's, Ani's Raw Food Kitchen. Here are my photos of Ani's donut holes made by me. Dried pineapple, dates, vanilla, coconut, and almonds and they are so lovely and easy to make.

2-25-2009 1-05-47 PM_0021 by waxpancake.

2-25-2009 1-05-17 PM_0017 by waxpancake.

More later! Have a beautiful day!


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