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I have documented here on my blog some struggles with rosacea and acne that I have had. I often try new products hoping for some new magic to shine through and give me clear glowing skin. Lately I have felt I barely need to put powder on which is Huge for me. I am loving my skin. The only problem is because I began so many changes all at the same time I don't know if there is one magic cure or a sacred combination in the mix. So, I thought I'd share it all! Starting with Simply Divine Botanicals a skincare line so pure you could eat it. One of my goals has been to use paraben-free products which is tricky when dealing with rosacea and acne because most lines dealing with these issues use them. But not this yummyness!

I've been using:
*Black Velvet Foaming Facial Cleanser for all skin types (I had tried You Can't Zit Here and found it too much for me). Black Velvet suits me perfectly- sensitivities and all! Daily.
*Gypsy Rose Tea Astringent for all skin types- amazing healing life changing product for me. Love! Daily.
*Face the Day! a seaweed serum I don't use daily but I love this when I'm feeling a little dry or have stressed skin (like from flying a lot!).
*Plump up the Volume facial mist is used to activate the above seaweed serum but sometimes I use this over Skincredible (below) because it just feels so nice.
*Skincredible. Seriously. Daily. Smells earthy and heavenly at the same time. Gorgeous results.
*Honey I Shrunk the Pores- I can use this every other day and the result is firm glowing skin. Love.

And because they deserve mentioning: Two body products I've been using from Simply Divine Botanicals are How Now Brown Cacao which is a rich chocolaty body cream- swoon! And You Glow Girl Glitter Body Butter which smells like lemon, lavender and sage and makes me all shimmery! Check it all out at and another fun place to shop for these is at

I've also been taking some new supplements and vitamins:
*Vitamineral Green almost every day a scoop of this green powder goes into my smoothies.
*On a whim after reading this article
I quickly snatched up and started taking both Multi + Daily Glow and Perfect Skin. I take one pill of each with food every other day. I didn't realize these weren't veg when I bought them but I'm going to continue to use them because I paid for them and I think they are helping.
*MegaFlora Optimal Potency Probiotic Formula, one every day before I eat breakfast.
*Whole Foods Blair's Liver Renewal. Also one with food every other day.
*Chlorella tablets   I munch on these with my smoothie after a good workout! Angela Stokes-Monarch has been known to eat these and her skin is to live for!

New routine:
*Drinking more water, tea and kombucha.
*Exercising six days a week without fail. Consistency in weight training, cardio, plyometrics, and sweat!
*Deep breathing & meditating.
*Yoga- spending a little time upside down every single day!

Happy October first! I wish you health, happiness, deep awareness and peace. And of course an abundance of love.


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***Meditation and yoga. I've been spending time upside down every day. In a handstand of course! I still have to prop my feet against a wall but I take long deep breaths and try to stay upside down as long as I can. This is usually my last yoga pose when my body is nice and warm. I highly recommend it.
*Green smoothie- 32 oz- arugula, chia seeds, water, msm, lucuma, goji berries, bananas, and blueberries. Lucuma gives the most amazing texture, especially with bananas. For lack of a better word, lucuma makes my smoothies and shakes "fluffy" which is awesome.
*Green smoothie- I wanted another! I made about 30 ounces half fro now and the other half for after my workout! Collards- about five, cherries, bananas, lucuma, cacao, and cacao nibs.
***Gym- 20 minutes 15% incline on treadmill at 3.5 speed, boot camp class, and 3 minutes rowing machine- 30 secinds palm up then 30 seconds palm down.
*Remainding 15 ounces of my collards smoothie with one scoop of spirulina.
*One whole cucumber sliced into little "chips" dipped into mashed avocado, cilantro and salsa mix. Grape kombucha and a Coracao chocolate. My Mother's day gifts arrived today- a box of Caracao chocolates and a case of peanut butter with six different kinds! Goodness, so not raw but they are vegan!

Chia seeds from The Raw Food World:

4-30-2009 12-43-16 PM_0239 by waxpancake.

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