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I made a raw triple berry cake from rawroyalty's blog on Thursday and I must say it was really good. It was a big bummer trying to get a photo of it, it's really purple all over the top, unlike the picture tells! Husband thought he tasted cacao butter, so I lost him there, I thought it tasted a bit like a berry cheesecake, and Summer (my sister-in-law of design is mine and bread and honey) thought it was more like a berry pudding. All in all a fun but expensive experience. And I couldn't get Eliot to try it, "no thanks, Mom" he says "I just like chocolate."

6-14-2008 12-01-33 PM_0200

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Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

B: e3 live, lemon water. i sat down and ate a whole papaya

s: i adapted a smoothie recipe i found on my smoothie: water, a large orange, frozen strawberries, frozen cherries, scoop of raw raspberry honey, pinch of pumpkin seeds, and small handful of cacao nibs.

i took my big mason jar full of smoothie too the alberta street fair. there was music, a parade with drummers, bicycles, silt walkers, kids and dogs, and we donated some cash for at a fundraiser for a little boy. they had haystacks, bubbles, a train table, painting birdhouses and picture frames- it was very sweet.

L: green papaya salad from a thai restaurant on alberta. not entirely raw, but close!

s: slice of watermelon and chocolate peanut butter frosting off a very dry piece of vegan cake.

D: green smoothie: coconut water, banana, frozen mango, bunches of spinach, cardamom, cinnamon and vanilla. next time i'll put nutmeg too. yummy! i also made curry in a hurry from i put the creamy curry sauce over a small head of chopped kale, 1/2 sliced cucumber and peas. sounds weird but it totally worked. refreshing. next time i'll make it spicier. i was a bit shy with the curry.


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