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When I was a vegetarian my meal of choice was a junky veggie burger, fries and a chocolate shake so after 6 years of being vegan and my added interest in raw food and nutrition it’s rare that I indulge in even the vegan versions. Soooooooooo this is my healthy version! Packed with nutrients and love I give you steamed broccoli with nutritional yeast, a raw vegan blueberry chocolate spinach shake and a raw vegan BLT from Pixie Retreat (purchased at Food Fight). This meal is colorful, delicious and filling! If you want to find me I’ll be eating with love and compassion for my body and all the bodies on the planet! XOXOXO



one hour at PlantFit

Got home and realized I’ve been craving homemade raw vegan banana almond milk for weeks and quickly whipped some up for a post workout drink. SO GOOD. Then I had a raw vegan BLT from Pixie Retreat. SO HAPPY that Food Fight carries their delicious food!



Indian food at raw vegan restaurant, Quintessence. In the east village, New York.

quintessence raw vegan restaurant by waxpancake.

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