What's the last compliment you gave and/or received?
Submitted by MalieKai.

this morning i lead boot camp with a workout that i programmed. the owner of the company beside me the entire hour. she's great and gives good feedback, but nevertheless, my boss. any way, at the end of the session a veteran camper said she loved my workout and that it was terrific! yeah for me, right in front of the boss!

clothing: yesterday sweats and play t-shirt. saturday, dark blue tee from urban outfitters, blue angel cords, orange and yellow hello kitty tarina tarantino necklace and orange fluevogs. last thursday hello kitty unicef tee, jeans and red shoes, and friday i'm drawing a  blank, i think we stayed at home.

this clothing project is getting difficult. i  took a few minutes this weekend to rearrange my closet, separating what i've worn and what i haven't. tricky. the weather is getting warmer and i don't want to wait until i wear all of my sweaters… any way it's challenging keeping organized but i'm hoping my vox blog will keep it somewhat under control.

eliot and andy went to great america yesterday. they rode the merry-go-round, rollercoaster, the log ride and more. e's very tired today and had a blast with daddy.

yesterday andy and eliot were in the kitchen when eliot came running out to tattle tale on daddy, he told me,  "mommy, daddy's not listening to me." oh  my   goodness….what did my 2 1/2 year old just say? in fact, even worse, last week when eliot was throwing a fit for something he paused and said, "you don't love me." my mouth dropped open and i started laughing and tickling him and asked him over and over, "are you kidding me?" he tried not to smile and then would smile and then try not to again. i told him, "you have got to be kidding me, you know mommy loves you so much and more than anything!" luckily this ended the fit, but oh my he is surprising me more and more lately.

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